The Man Standing Next To Me

I had an interesting dream today. In this dream, I was standing in some place that had an old large stone building; this building had a very tall gate, the type you see in mansions. The building was built on land that was spread to wherever my vision could go. It was evening so it was getting hard to see everyone clearly. I was standing outside facing the gate of this building. This place almost felt like India—I have never been to India.

I first thought that I was at my wedding; but, later I realized that this was a different event. I stood there alone and then I thought of an inspiration of mine—read “Dance of Heroes“. Suddenly, he appeared out of nowhere. It felt that I changed into him or rather that he said that he is just like me. Then he was there standing next to me and checking out the place with me. I was just a teeny meeny bit worried before because I was watching some people prepare things almost like I was at a wedding—perhaps, I wasn’t ready for this dream. I started feeling safe the second my inspiration—a Human Rights Advocate—arrived by my side. I received a strong feeling that this dream character was a friendly and nice person and that he was interested in learning more about what was going on in this scene; more importantly, I felt that he wanted to make me feel safer. I also saw a rather tall woman who pointed to some parts of her body to say that they are making things for my makeup and skin treatment. I somehow felt that this male dream character was completely comfortable with the idea of me being wed. This question was on his mind; right now, like me he was just watching what was going on. But the moment he appeared, I felt so shy and hesitant for some reason that I did not talk to him at all. Instead, I distracted myself with dream characters. Pretty soon, I started kneading some dough. I kneaded lots of dough in a very large platter. It looked like I was making dough for something like a wedding cake although I wasn’t so sure whose wedding this was. I added too much flour and made the dough a bit tougher. I touched the dough and realized that I did not like the end result. So I threw some water on the dough and tried to make it a little bit smoother than before; however, I was able to change only a small part of it and the rest of it still seemed a bit hard though. But an older woman took the platter and dough from me and walked towards the mansion. I felt sorry that I didn’t end up finishing this job properly. Meanwhile, the male dream character who had appeared next to me actually faded away because I failed to address him.

This has happened before! Some dream characters tend to fade or vanish if I don’t acknowledge them right away. Other dream characters disappear after they have finished sending me messages. These dream characters can say yes and no and show approval or disapproval. My friends are really that bright!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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