Just Dreamt Of A Hurricane

I had a funny dream today. I woke up in my dream and found one of my sister’s twin babies sleeping next to me. I picked up the baby and held it to my chest. The baby made me feel safe and gave me more mental power. Then I started walking while holding my baby. I wanted to jump out of the window, which is a portal in the dream world. The baby now looked older and complained that what if she gets cold. I told her that she would be okay because I would wrap her in my Solomonic Veil.

Solomonic Veil is a dream object I have created in my mind. It has magical powers so it protects me from feeling pain that is caused due to weather disturbances. Do you know that when I am dreaming, I can feel how it would feel to walk in a chilly storm without protective clothing? So the Solomonic Veil is my defense against such sensations. And so far, I have been able to block harmful sensations caused by weather by using this imaginary veil.

So I wrapped myself and my baby in the Solomonic Veil and got out through the window (portal that opens in different points of the time wrap). I could now sense strong wind rage since this is exactly what was going on in the real world that my city is in. The Solomonic Veil created a warm feeling around me so I was able to focus. I spun while holding my baby. I spun too fast; inside the mind of an ENFP Empath like me people are the source of warmth and everything else that can be experienced. Thus I spun at ridiculously high speed simply because I was holding my baby. Now I could see a hurricane up close. I saw a large spiral of wind just spinning and spinning. It felt so alive and for some moments I was hypnotized by what I saw.

I was thinking of a couple of American speakers during my dream as well; they are there in my mind because I read their works. Keep in mind as you read the rest that I sometimes receive precognitive dreams.

So does this dream mean that a hurricane is approaching America? But I live in Canada. Does that mean that this hurricane will influence Canada as well? Or is this dream just telling me that it was a unique idea to hold the baby while spinning because now I can stare right at one of my fears. Fears like sadness are the basis of creativity. I wonder what is the real message here. Time will tell!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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