Possibility of Civil War in America

Recently, I have come across a lot of articles about how America may have a civil war to handle soon—I haven’t really read all of them yet. On August 14, 2015, I posted a lucid dream that I had perhaps before this date. This particular lucid dream showed a huge conflict taking place in America. As soon as I woke up, I changed it into a story about vampires because I didn’t understood what really happened—I couldn’t come to terms with what I saw. Believe me! the sights I saw were very freaky.

Here is some part of my dream; you can read the full dream here. Read “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years“.

…The scene changed again and the girl saw herself battling with vampires who arrived in large numbers. They screamed, “We have found humans. Let us taste them.” And then the battle took place where humans became animals and tried ripping all the vampires to pieces. The girl lost her sense of identity and participated in the war silently. The battle fiercely boomed through the entire city as if destiny itself was jesting the humans. Some sprightly humans were clever enough to hide on the roofs, but the vampires used their keen senses to locate them. Then, they flew unhindered to their unguarded refuge and burned down the entire roof and its frightened residents. But, the humans did not want to lose to the vampires so the most athletic ones armed themselves by using guns, batons, and bats. To their dismay, the vampires quickly nullified their weapons by using psychic abilities or physical force. The humans were enraged and awe-struck so they finally decided to create small gangs, which strategically maneuvered towards the vampires. The humans had now successfully circled all the vampires, but the vampires effortlessly pushed their way through and chased them into buildings. Rage and bloodlust sedated every pore of the immortal bodies of vampires as human blood dripped out of their mouths. The humans who had now been lured inside buildings were unaware of the fact that more vampires were flying towards the buildings from all directions and quickly multiplying in numbers. Some of them lit the buildings on fire and others ran inside and tore several humans limb to limb. “Their blood makes us blind. Blind, blind!” vampires uttered this slogan excitedly as they forced the humans to forfeit. The battlefield was burned to ashes and reduced to a wreck, and the humans were now uttering painful moans that could not be heard but felt. Read “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years“.

In this dream, one of my dream characters, a Black woman said that the plague is here.

She turned her attention to the Black woman and heard her comment that the plague started a while back but she does not know where they came from. “What sort of plague is she talking about?” She thought as she gently stepped out of her body and followed the black figure. Read “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years“.

Okay, note how smart this dream really is. The coronavirus is affecting African-Americans more severely. Read article “Coronavirus in African Americans and Other People of Color“. They have just found this out and I dreamt about this in 2015. Can you see how ahead this data really is?

So if you read the entire dream, you will notice that the Black woman said that the plague is here and the conflict started afterwards. Does that mean that the civil war is going to happen after coronavirus has spread in America? Or does that mean that I am just reading into a possibility and not reality? Remember that dreams can be symbolic or literal.

News about civil war is actually quite disturbing. Read articles “Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes Calls for ‘Bloody War’ if Trump Doesn’t Invoke Insurrection Act” and “Experts fear America is on the brink of civil war: ‘Millions of people are actively prepared to murder their countrymen’”.

I strongly advice everyone to stay calm and make sure that the civil war does not occur. I mean I saw a whole lot of bloodshed in my dream; and, it is a horrible sight.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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