Dreams About Women’s Dresses

I receive fascinating dreams about dresses. I wonder what mega amounts I will end up earning if I learned how to sew and design dresses. There are these awesome visions of women’s clothings inside my novel head. Riveting!

Today, I had two dreams of three different dresses. I was wearing all of these dresses! One dress was Golden in colour and was embroidered all the way through from top to bottom—it was a Pakistani dress. I did not had a close look at this one because I was observing the breathtaking setting—I was near a palace in this one. In the second dream I was trying out clothes in a shop that was filled with Ball Gowns and Frocks. The shopkeeper let me try two different types of clothings. One was Green and Black in colour. It had some sorts of shiny sequins all over the dress; and the Green sequins were sewn next to the Black sequins in horizontal rows. I tried this dress. But I didn’t like it; so I took it off. Then I checked out the second dress; and, I ended up falling in love with this one.

I didn’t see the shopkeeper; but, I had a feeling that she felt a bit frustrated because she wanted me to buy the first dress since she thought that it looked prettier on me. Well, the second choice was so stunning that I am still thinking back to it! It was a very sexy floor-length, long-sleeved Light Pink Ball Gown! The dress had a fitted and slim silhouette and waistline that clung perfectly on my body; and, only the bottom was ball-shaped with some sort of thick material underneath that held the fabric in this shape. Most of the gown was Light Pink in colour (this shade of Pink); lighter coloured Pink lace that seemed to have some shade of White was stitched on the front of the dress and perhaps on the sleeves as well; Dark Mauve flower embellishments decorated the ball-shaped bottom of the dress. The neckline was the most interesting feature of this dress. It had a Dark Pink off-shoulder neckline that covered some of the shoulders while leaving the shoulders and neck bare; the fabric of the neckline was crispier and thicker than the rest of the material. But the trick was that you could somehow change the neckline to cover your neck and shoulders.

Interesting right! Now here is the fun part. I have worn an English dress only once in my life, on one of my birthdays. Also, I don’t have any training in sewing or designing dresses. I have only learned about such dresses by watching movies and by reading books or online articles. I love wearing beautiful clothes. Once, as a teenager, I wore a Golden-Green Ghagra to a Pakistani wedding. The ladies from the other family gave me lots of flowers when I entered the Banquet Hall. Then one of them told me that the best flowers, the ones I was offered, were for the loveliest women who would enter this place. You can clearly see why I feel so delighted when I receive such dreams! I can experience something without fully or ever experiencing it in real life; I can also experience things that are missing from my life or that I have experienced in the past.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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