Why I Don’t Listen to Eminem

I have tried listening to Eminem’s songs; but, I have hated the experience so much so that I have completely banned Eminem from my life.

I remember listening to just a couple of songs and then feeling bad about what was being said. I recollect that I started investigating lyrics of some of the songs in details and felt very uncomfortable after reading them. I clearly recall that I felt nausea and headaches after listening to some of his songs including “Love The Way You Lie” and “Not Afraid”. My experiences have always defined whether I will accept something or someone in my life or not. I banned Eminem a long while ago and right now my life is “Eminem-Free”. I am proud of myself!

Today, I found another article on the web. Jackson Katz’s article “8 Reasons Eminem’s Popularity is a Disaster for Women” shares how this artist is dangerous for women and even for gays and lesbians. I can see why my head kept splitting with pain when I listened to his words. I feel his work is very dangerous; and, I feel that men who listen to his songs are misogynistic in nature. Nowadays, even some Muslims are attached to this person’s words. As a woman and as a Muslim woman, I feel worried about my safety given the type of environment Eminem is gradually creating.

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