Dream Of A Conversation With A Baby

I had a rather bizarre dream today. I was carrying a baby girl; and, she was talking to me. The baby just addressed me by referring to a real person and asking me to give him a compliment. What’s wicked about all this is that the baby sometimes addressed me in a poetic manner. I listened to the baby and carried her in my arms while walking inside what appeared like a Mansion Hotel.

I was leaving with the baby; and, I had made a special stroller for her. But when we got outside, I realized that I was missing something. So I went back inside and went through the luggage to find baby’s clothes. I had placed the baby on floor and was trying to open a large suitcase that was stored under something that looked like a bed but wasn’t. I was inside what looked like a dark narrow corridor. There was a wall on my one side and storage space (under what seemed like beds) on my other side. I was still looking inside the suitcase when a man crawled over from the other side of the storage space. He had put some pressure on one of the bottom side rails of what looked like beds, which thus got bent. I felt that it was bent enough to touch baby’s head. But, it was not close to the baby at all. I hurriedly picked up my baby; ignored the guy; and, walked away.

The most interesting part of this dream was that the baby was having a deep conversation with me. I was a bit surprised when I saw this; but, I handled this by paying more attention to the baby.

So babies can share information during dreams as well. I believe I will have to put an effort into learning more about the rest of my abilities. I can already engage in Lucid Dreaming to learn about future and historic events; connect with spirits when I am asleep or awake; say prayers that are actually accepted; and, utilize Telepathy. I earnestly wonder what’s next!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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