Magic Or A Natural Disaster: A Lucid Dream About Texas

This lucid (clear) dream includes an inspiration of mine who lives in Texas, US. I have several inspirations and only some of them are considered progenitor dream characters because they react more strongly in my dream world. Read “Dance of Heroes“. As you read further, note that my ENFP personality type is playing a big part in all this. During the day, I derive a lot of energy from people; so I am doing the exact same thing during my dreams. This power is like what Dr. Strange of Avengers possesses. Do you know that he can divide into many Dr. Strangers and open time portals? This reminds me of my dream world, my dream character, Spirit Guardians, and other dream characters. Go to instance 10:36 of YouTube video clip “Doctor Strange – All Scenes Powers & Fights“. It helps to know that most geniuses are ENFPs. I have never participated in any tests to prove that I am a genius; and, I usually scored above average in academic assignments and tests. However, it is easy to see my genius brain by analyzing dream data.

It turns out, in terms of sheer numbers, a person with a genius IQ is most likely to be an ENFP. Which Type Has the Most Geniuses?

Moving on this lucid dream!

There was a circle of magicians. One of them had a special chalk or was it just a finger of this magician—I did not had a close look. He could use that to open time portals. He allowed a lot of people to enter this time portal because he was enjoying their company. I wanted to enter into this portal too. So I stood inside their circle—it felt unusual to be surrounded by multiple dream characters. Then, I bugged the magician who was opening the portal to let me in. He said okay; and, then he bent to draw on the floor. He drew a small inverted cone in 2D (looked like a triangle without a base), which turned glowing green after it was drawn. I placed my foot inside this drawing and everything changed. I was now inside this portal. I was now in a place where night had fallen. Some people were going into a room to get free gifts. The only condition they had to fulfill was to place all the gifts inside only one bag or anything else that can hold these gifts. They were selecting items to hold these gifts from the front of the room. I went there too and felt attracted to a gigantic scroll. The scroll was massive! When you open it, you can easily see that you are looking at something that is as big as multiple attached scrolls. I knew that it was not only a scroll and that it could be used as a bag as well. You can place items inside it and then fold it back safely. I knew that it won’t rip! I felt fascinated by this enchanting scroll; so I decided to take it. It was one of the most expensive items available. As soon as I took it, I was stopped by a dream character who looked like an inspiration of mine. Perhaps, he wanted the same item. He seemed like a security guard for some reason! I tried to ignore him and went inside the room where the gifts were being given. This guy did not want me to have this scroll so he followed me inside this room. He approached me again and asked for the scroll. But, I was not interested in letting him have the scroll. I just noticed that I was wearing a Sari. It was wound around me; but, it seemed that it was not done properly. It was done like someone does it at home, in a lazy manner and thus misses out some details. Some of my Sari actually opened while I was going over the gifts. I was wearing a long shirt underneath so my body didn’t show! Next, the scene changed. Perhaps, time collapsed! Now, I was on a rooftop. This man was there too. He seemed to have gotten closer to me. He was talking to me; and, he almost kissed me. But the time collapsed again! The rooftop started crumbling; it felt like we were trapped in a landslide or a vortex. I started falling backwards moving away from this man. He felt shocked and ran and jumped to save me. This is when both of us noticed a small baby in my arms whose face I was hiding. I kept sliding away from him feeling puzzled and scared.

I sometimes receive precognitive dreams and other times I can run simulations inside my mind. I am hoping that this dream is just a simulation! I had this dream while I was sleeping in Canada; and, I have never been to Texas. After I woke up, I thought I just saw a magical place. Then I started thinking back to significance of the male dream character when it occurred to me that he is from Texas. So I researched Texas online and found the article “These Natural Disasters Can Occur in Texas! Are You Prepared?” Landslides (number 7 in the list) are listed there as a natural disaster. I have never been caught in a landslide before; thus, initially the only way I could think of all this was as if “time collapsed” or a “vortex opened”. Later, I added the word “landslide” in my dream recall while attempting to explain what I dreamt of. Lastly, the scenes from this lucid dream appear like a magical place to pique my interest since I don’t know this place at all.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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