Surviving COVID19 Lockouts and Pandemic By Using Lucid Dreams

I focused on lucid dreams during the COVID19 pandemic and associated lockouts. I connected with lots of dream characters through this ability. Here are some of my favorite dreams about some of my inspirations who are mentioned in blog post “Dance of Heroes”.

In one lucid dream, I met CJ Werleman and his family. They gave me one room to sleep in; I spent my entire night there. Then I woke up; and, CJ’s wife Tamara asked me to come eat my breakfast because she had already cooked it. I spoke to her briefly; but, I was a bit anxious about something. She also seemed distracted because she had some work to do. I did not feel like eating since I had eaten a lot while I was awake (before I fell asleep). I excused myself and went to see CJ who was working on one of his projects.

In another lucid dream, I met Qasim Rashid and his wife Ayesha. At the start, I offered them tea and some chocolates and candies; I remember for sure that I offered them M&Ms. But their dream characters indicated that they were hungry. So another dream character of mine served them Pakistani food. I didn’t eat food or snacks because I was pretty full just before I fell asleep.

In yet another lucid dream, actor David Duchovny drove me to his home. I met his family members and friends there. David even hugged me while he was introducing me to folks.

In a different dream, I saw a woman throw small beads, which were as colorful and small as legumes, in a vacant space that was under a stage. Then these beads became larger when they entered this small space. Somehow the beads rolled out and dispersed all around the stage; I did not see how this happened so I thought that perhaps these were moved by the kids. They were soft and comfortable so people sat on these while watching the show.

I even visited the Outer Space during one of my dreams. See the 8th paragraph about colorful celestial bodies in blog post “How To Visit Outer Space During Lucid Dreams“. Last but not least, I saw two really small fairies come out of a yellowish-red apple. They flew out from the part of this fruit where the stem is attached. One of them was colored light and dark blue; I can’t remember the color of the second fairy.

Regardless of my access level, some of the best dreams are concerning the humans. A psychotherapist usually prescribes “do your own party” to those who wish to stay grounded while overcoming depression or anxiety. Lucid dreams offer these parties whenever you are in need.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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