A Lucid Dream About Hugh Jackman

I had a funny lucid dream about Hugh Jackman today. He was with me and my cousins. One of my younger cousins was wearing something that we she and Hugh were coloring. Perhaps it was a dress made out of paper or perhaps it was some sort of fabric that could be colored. My cousin put some red rosy color on her dress. I think she drew something round or was she trying to draw petals. Hugh was sitting next to her facing her. He colored her dress just a bit. Then they both laughed at the result. After this, Hugh just took a lot of yellow colour and painted the front. My younger cousin now looked like a funny flower! After this activity was over, Hugh turned to my other cousins. He taught the boys how to dance. I watched all this quietly and with much interest.

Soon it was time to go out. All of us rode a Tonga. I sat in the back. Someone gave me a whip to manage the horse. I used it to tap the horse gently—I am very much in love with horses so I can’t really hurt them. Hugh noticed this and told me to be gentler towards the animal—he was just joking. I enjoyed his comment. The Tonga roamed dark streets as we appreciated the quietness and pull of this night.

I have never met Hugh before in my life; I have only watched a couple of his movies. I also don’t have any interest in movie celebrities and their lives. Today I was just roaming in my dream world so I must have caught something on my psychic radar. Here is an interesting article about how Hugh likes to meditate; read ““Nothing has ever opened my eyes like meditation,” says Hugh Jackman“. Do you know that meditation improves the brainwaves to make the person more lucid or creative? My experience has shown me that I connect very well with those who are already have lucid dreams or those who are very creative; I also get telepathic encounters. Does this dream mean that Hugh is having better dreams or that he has become more creative due to his meditations?

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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