Warning By Telepathic Voice: UAE’s Mistreatment of Women and Girls

Some years ago, around 2012 or 2013, a trustworthy friend of mine suggested that I should apply to relevant jobs in Dubai, UAE. I thought about this for a while; and, a telepathic voice warned me not to go there. I didn’t think much about all this at that time; instead, I just chose not to throw my resume that way. I remember feeling a bit worried about why my inner voice was tackling me about this. Some years later, I found out how Princess Latifa who is the daughter of a ruler of Dubai was imprisoned by her family members. So I ended up writing a blog post about this; read “Please Help! Princess Latifa Of Dubai Is In Extreme Danger“.

At that point in my life, I was planning to get a job and be married soon. I started thinking after what he said; and, something just kept hitting against my mind like ice cold water. It was the thought: “Don’t go there. Dubai is actually bad for women. It doesn’t show on the surface; but, this is still there. There is a chance of being trapped there as well”. I asked the voice if it was sure; and, it repeated itself. Source: Please Help! Princess Latifa Of Dubai Is In Extreme Danger.

Around a year ago, I came across CJ Werleman online. Over time, I had a couple of very nice dreams about him and his family members. I sometimes receive dreams about my inspirations and their families; read “Surviving COVID19 Lockouts and Pandemic By Using Lucid Dreams“. Today, I reviewed one of CJ’s articles and found an answer that further validates why I heard this voice several years ago. Read article “Israeli Sex Tourists Exacerbate UAE’s Human Trafficking Nightmare“.

…many human rights experts believe the overwhelming majority to be coerced and often lured to the country on the promise of alternative employment. Source: CJ Werleman, “Israeli Sex Tourists Exacerbate UAE’s Human Trafficking Nightmare“.

I believe that responsible individuals should learn more about how UAE is trafficking humans. According to United Nation’s article “Report: Majority of trafficking victims are women and girls; one-third children“, mostly women and girls are usually trafficked. Make sure to take some action to resolve this ongoing issue. Start by participating in CJ Werleman’s “Stop Human Trafficking” campaign; see tweet here.

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