Canada is currently going through a severe workplace crisis. Check out article “New survey details widespread harassment in Canada’s workplaces“.

Here is a personal story that I am sharing here because I want you to see how some Canadians are offering abuse to people. Basically, they are attempting to change them into slaves by not listening to their needs and undermining the affect of the neglect that they are offering to the victim. I am using the word “slave” because abuse can cause PTSD, which in some cases can lead to severe things like rape and Stockholm Syndrome. I am using the word “slave” here because neglect like this has happened before. I have already discussed another personal story. Read “Contorting Information Inside Canadian Workplaces“. I was also volunteering for them when I was gaslighted in a very harsh manner. It took me some months to get over what was done to me.

Then something else happened. Oh! Note that both of these incidences took place inside Ottawa, which is the Capital of Canada.

So in this second incidence, I decided to volunteer for a local festival. This was my first time working for a festival. I had no idea how things were supposed to be done. I decided to learn; and, after several months of volunteering, I took a contract and a small payment from them. There were still many new things that I was hoping to learn during this contract. But, the woman who was in charge of supervising and training me left Canada for some days despite a request by the festival team not to leave because we were near the launch date. This festival is mostly run by volunteers only; she decided it was okay to take some time off despite the fact that she was also receiving a small payment in return for work. When she came back, I tried to reach out to her a couple of times because I was hoping to have a conversation for another event that we did not had a chance to discuss; I was also hoping to chat about one of projects that both of us had already worked on. Anyways, she declined to meet with me in person; and, she also did not call by phone about this. I eventually got exhausted due to all of this and left this organization. Of course! I was promised a good reference letter; but, I received less training compared to what I was told that I can receive if I decided to volunteer and eventually work with them.

This kind of abuse is ongoing! My skin color and gender makes things easier for the abusers. Usually people can get away with assuming that they are correct. Usually, they don’t let me point out the issue in a group setting because they treat the issue at hand with silence. Abusive workplaces offer abusive gang dynamics. Progress reviews, feedbacks, arguments, and conflicts are normal routines for workplaces. But people have to learn how to handle arguments and conflicts effectively. I have read about conflict resolution so many times; but I hardly see this in practice in Canada. Instead, I see either one supervisor/manager or an entire group attempting to silence one person who has figured out that something is going wrong. And, sometimes things can be done so subtly that the victim is just left gasping for breath trying to figure out what are the real intentions and what exactly is going on.

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