A Creative Lucid Dream About Some War In Orient

Today, I took some hot beverage with sweetener during breakfast. Then I took a small nap before starting the rest of day.

So I saw a couple of dreams in short snippets. In one dream snippet, I was in a large field that was filled with snow. It was dark; I could tell that the surface was brown below the snow. There was a war taking place; the folks from the Orient were involved. There was a large army there; their metallic armour was red. They were fighting someone although I couldn’t clearly see who they were fighting. Suddenly, all of them lined up against the large wall that barricaded this area. They formed a really gigantic wall by standing on each other’s shoulders. I looked at this wall from outside. From the other side of this wall, I could see shiny red armour shining in the moonlight. I could tell that their metallic armour was very strong! This human wall was like a couple of long ladders combined. I kept looking at this human wall and was astounded to notice that the soldiers started jumping to the other side of the wall, away from the area where this conflict was taking place. I seriously didn’t expect them to flee because they seemed courageous and ferocious. Some soldiers were left behind; and, they jumped into this war in an attempt to save those who had escaped. There was a maddening look on their faces; they seemed like angry tigers and lions. I got a bit scared so I stopped thinking about what was going on! During this time the war was at its end; but, it felt like it was at its peak. Then I saw someone who looked like a Chinese person being dragged by another person on snow. I could clearly see the tracks this process was making.

I don’t know what I actually saw! This could be my creative mind showing me how to write; this could be a nightmare; or this could be a precognitive dream. I intend to wait and see what this is all about!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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