Regarding Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq

I went through a lot of grief and distress because of the Iraq War that started in 2003. I signed lots of petitions against this war; I read several articles; and, I shared my opinion about how this war is wrong. On top of all this, I started receiving terrible nightmares about the conflict zone; read a little bit about one of such dreams here “Lucid Dreams suggest that women should be leaders in peacebuilding“.

In one dream, I was inside Iraq. There was a large wall behind which injured people were hiding. A spirit took me to the other side of the wall. A man complained to me about the condition of those who were harmed. I looked at everyone who was bleeding and dying. After feeling their misery and looking at their dire condition, I flew away and promised that I will do something. Source: “Lucid Dreams suggest that women should be leaders in peacebuilding“.

Today, I read the news about how Pope Francis is visiting Iraq from Mar 5 till Mar 8. I was super-thrilled about this. My birthday is on Mar 6; so I thought this visit is a gift from God.

Here is proof that my birthday is on Mar 06; parts of this ID card were edited to ensure confidential information may remain hidden.

Another funny thing that happened to me last year is that in the morning of Jan 21, 2020, I received a dream about Pope Francis. Read “I Met Pope Francis In My Dream“. I published this after midnight so the publication date is Jan 22, 2020.

Revision history shows that this post was started on Jan 21; thus, the phrase, “I had an interesting dream in the morning” is referring to Jan 21, 2020.
I don’t know how God made me do this; but, I finally published this post on Jan 22, 2020 after midnight.

This dream was a surprise to me because I have never met Pope Francis in my life. Today, after receiving news about Pope’s visit to Iraq, I thought about how I had a dream on Jan 21, 2020 and this visit is taking place in Mar 2021. I have shared on this blog how I receive precognitive dreams. This precognitive dream is telling me about Pope’s upcoming visit to Iraq. It is also very interesting to note that on Jan 22, 2020, Pope gave a speech about importance of hospitality and a prayer for Christian unity. Here is a description from my dream:

I was at some event where Pope Francis was giving a speech in a building that had corridors and rooms with furniture and equipment. I was standing at the door; and, I addressed him by his name. He talked to me very briefly. Source: I Met Pope Francis In My Dream

The room that I saw in this dream was much smaller than the one that shows in the YouTube video here; however, it is possible that this room was where he planned his speech or where he was before or after the event.

Furthermore, it is usual for me to receive dreams that have two meanings attached. One of such dreams is about the mass graves that were created in New York to manage the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Read “Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision“. So this dream about Pope Francis emphasizes three things:

  1. Hospitality is a strong theme among the Muslims as well since I am a Muslim and I am dreaming about Pope Francis around the time when he delivered a speech about hospitality.
  2. Muslims and Christians share a very deep bond, which is something I have felt since I was a kid.
  3. Around a year after this dream, Pope decided to visit Iraq. I had to know this given my past activities regarding Iraq so God designed this event to take place in Mar 2021. The event is from Mar 5 till Mar 8; and, my birthday is Mar 6. According to article “Pope Francis set to make first papal visit to Iraq amid possible turmoil”, inter-religious activities between Muslims and Christians are going to take place on Mar 6. I believe things are happening this way because God wants me to pay some attention to Iraq, Christians, and this event; and then by highlighting this incidence God wants people to learn to pay attention to Iraqis because they need our help right now.

So here are my thoughts about Pope Francis’s visit to Iraq. I believe it is nice of him to think of Iraqis during such tough times; perhaps, his visit would compel richer countries to somehow ensure that all Iraqis end up getting vaccinated. Mostly richer countries have acquired vaccines; Iraq is not on the list shown in the article “With First Dibs on Vaccines, Rich Countries Have ‘Cleared the Shelves“. Secondly, Iraq received its first set of COVID-19 vaccines as donations from China; read “Does Iraq Have A Strategy For Acquiring COVID-19 Vaccines?” In addition, Pope’s visit would promote solidarity and communication between Muslims and Christians, which is much needed right now. However, it is possible that this event will spread COVID-19 in Iraq; read “Pope’s Planned Visit to Iraq, Amid Pandemic, Raises Questions of Timing“. Reality is that I am worried about why Pope has decided to visit during such harsh times; I think he could have just participated in a virtual event like most of us are doing right now. However, I am hoping and praying that everyone stays safe during all this and that they effectively perform social distancing as well as take other safety precautions.

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