A Perfect Error: First Recording My Guitar

So today, I decided to take some time to record some music that I generated with the help of my first guitarI am still learning how to play the guitar. I decided to use the recorder of my computer. Reality is that I have never used this recorder to record music. So I just turned the recorder on and played my guitar. Not to forget that my guitar had one string in the wrong place.

The result is hilarious and freaky! Truth is that the result is beautiful!

The music resembles Space sounds. Sure! As a lucid dreamer, I have heard Space Sounds before and visited Outer Space. But I was not expecting this kind of error!

Every now and then there is silence in the audio because I am deciding what to play. Then the bizarre recording starts again.

All this was being recorded. Meanwhile, I had no idea! I was just playing my guitar and feeling groovy.

Cool thing is that I had a laugh. Bad thing is that now I can’t listen to how I did and fix my errors.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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