Dance Choreography Through Lucid Dreams

I love dancing! I used to dance more when I was younger. I was pretty crazy about dances back then, dancing at parties, weddings, and privately. But, I now I dance less because I am usually busy; and, I only dance alone now. Over time, I have noticed that even my dream characters dance very gracefully. I have learned that it is very easy for my dream characters to dance together. All this feels like choreographing a dance! In addition, my dream characters play musical instruments during my dreams. Oh! I can even throw dance parties with their help!

In one of my lucid dreams, I saw actor Prabhu Deva—the guy from the famous song “Muqabla“—dancing with a group of people. They were all standing in a higher place, like steps or a stage. There were long rows of people on both of Prabhu’s side. As they danced rather fast, their bodies moved in harmony almost like they were hypnotized. The entire area was lit with lights. I wonder if I saw a real event though!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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