Bullying in Canadian Nursing Colleges

I have discussed a couple of times how some Canadian Nursing colleges have faculty that participates in abusing students. One particular story was how a Canadian Nursing student was being emotionally abused by a clinical faculty member; and, when she complained to the Program Coordinator, her complaint was not taken seriously at all. Instead she was told to leave her office simply because she started crying due to the trauma caused by mistreatment. She strongly believed that her complaint was not heard because this teacher was well-connected among politicians.

Below are some posts where I have discussed such issues:

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Today I reviewed another article online. Read article “A Call to Revisit and Address the Histories of Bullying in Nursing Education“; authors are Zachary Daly, Kathy O’Flynn-Magee, and Patricia Rodney. This article specifically states that Nursing students suffer lots of abuse including abuse from clinical instructors and staff nurses while studying Nursing.

I don’t recommend that non-white people should enroll in Canadian Nursing colleges. I don’t think it is a good idea because non-white people usually earn less due to multiple barriers that are offered by this extremely racist country. According to Scott Gilmore’s article “Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s“, Canada is more racist than America; and, according to Allysha Howse’s article “Canada Ranked As One Of The Top Countries For Racial Discrimination In The Hiring Process“, Canada offers more discrimination in hiring practices than US, the country that created a disastrous war on Muslims and Islam by attacking Afghanistan and Iraq under the pretense of tackling terrorism. Canadian media is controlled by White people; so stories of non-white people aren’t heard in an effective and timely manner. I believe that Whiteness of the Canadian media is the reason why non-white people face difficulties in receiving proper coverage from the media or why they don’t trust the media enough to report abuse; read article “Canadian Media Incapable of Covering Race” to learn this. In 2001, Grace-Edward Galabuzi wrote the article “Canada’s Creeping Economic Apartheid” for CSJ Foundation. This article discusses how an economic apartheid is gradually influencing all the racialized groups in Canada leaving them unprotected and marginalized—genocide of Aboriginal women and girls has already taken place. Things have become even worse for the non-white Canadian population given the COVID-19 epidemic; read a relevant article “Black, minority women in Canada left behind in COVID-19 job recovery“. So I strongly recommend that the non-white Canadians don’t register in Nursing colleges because if they decided to leave after abuse, then i) they might not be able to attract media attention towards their cases; and, ii) if they have taken student loans, then they would have to pay that; not to forget that they will be suspended for a year by NSLSC (they offer student loans) because they withdrew before the program ended.

Lastly notice that in the West we are told that we should fight back to get our rights. But I don’t see this happening since most people who choose to fight back end up suffering from bad health simply because any given sphere of functionality, i.e. psychological, social, physical, mental, or spiritual is broken. How are they supposed to perform well and produce great results like this? You know Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) left Makkah when the abuse became harsh; he later came to power with the help of people from Madinah. He was ranked by author Michael H. Hart as one of the top influential men in the history of mankind; read article “100 most influential people in the world“. So if this King (King was just his title; he lived a poor life because he chose to give his wealth away) was humble and wise enough to flee when required, then why don’t non-white Canadians do exactly the same?

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