Is Canada At Brink Of A Deep Racialized Economic Apartheid?

In 2001, Grace-Edward Galabuzi wrote the article “Canada’s Creeping Economic Apartheid” for CSJ Foundation. This article discusses how an economic apartheid is gradually influencing all the racialized groups in Canada leaving them unprotected and marginalized

Below are some articles that discuss how the non-white population is getting hit most by the economic instability caused by COVID-19; and, how non-white women are left out of the COVID-19 recovery efforts.

South Asian and Black women face high jobless rates in Canada

Chart 6 South Asian, Arab and Black Canadians had among the highest unemployment rates in July 2020

Black, Asian workers see biggest jobless rate spikes in Canada

Canada’s Women of Colour Have Been Left Out of COVID-19 Job Recovery Efforts

Things were already horrible for non-whites before the pandemic. I believe it is only going to get worse! Canada has already participated in creating an apartheid for the Aboriginal people as well as genocide of the Aboriginal women and girls. It is obvious to me that non-white Canadians are going to go through a lot due to this pandemic!

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