How Minute Details Show The Future

I dreamt just a couple of days ago that one of my toenails⁠—the smallest one⁠—was so broken that almost all of it had fallen off. I injured one of my smaller toenails some while ago; and, I ended up cutting some part of my nail to ensure that it does not just rip off by getting stuck on something. Even after this, I had this particular dream. Today, I noticed that the rest of my nail had broken. I had to cut some more of it. In this dream, I was wondering about my nail and looking at it curiously.

Then I had another dream. I saw that something was wrong with me and that my hair were falling. After this dream, a friend of mine, Dr. Barbara Todish died due to cancer. Read the full story here: “Another Spiritual Encounter: Connecting With Professor Barbara Todish Before Her Death“. I wonder if this dream was an indication of something that will happen to me in my old age since I was thinking about how things will be when I get as old as Barbara Todish. I wonder if this dream was an indication of stress that I was supposed to face due to Dr. Barbara Todish’s death. Last time I talked to her, she was so spirited that there is no way that anybody could have figured out that she was going to lose her battle against cancer.

Today after removing my toenail, I started wondering back to how I had a dream about someone who I believe is my husband. There are little details about this entire story. For instance, we have only known each other briefly; but I have been receiving repeat dreams about him. Truth is that his dream character appears faster than most of my male progenitor dream characters. However, reality is telling me something else; so I am still wondering if his dream character has displaced to compel me to look for someone similar. Read blog post “My Psychic Images Of My Future Husband“. Only time will tell the truth!

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