Explaining The Mystical In Layman’s Terms

I once heard from a Psychology teacher whom I met at University of Toronto that IQ tests are limited in nature. He clearly indicated that IQ tests don’t necessarily tell you the truth. Now here is the fun part. I was born and raised in Pakistan; so I did not had the privilege to be “found” earlier. I have not taken IQ tests formally; and, there have definitely been times when I have distinctly felt that I don’t belong to regular academic organizations.

When I grew around 18 years old, we moved to Canada. This is when I was able to get access to the internet. This is when I found out that I was an ENFP and that most geniuses are ENFPs. Once while studying at the University of Toronto, I kind of sleepwalked to an ad for a research study about Stereodepth Vision; and, I somehow chose to participate in this study despite my very heavy schedule. During this study, I found out that I had very high levels of Stereodepth Vision, which is the vision that is used to create feats. Read blog post “About My Stereodepth Vision“.

One of my most important feats is that I can present very significant information in layman’s terms. In blog post “Seeing The Mystical” I described a very important phenomenon in very simple language.

If you listen deeply enough, you will realize that both the dark and light carry mystical elements and those who attempt to understand these elements are never fully understood; for instance, staring at the sky and stars is normal for me because it somehow preserves a part of me but not many would attempt to think about using this means to open the Horus. Source: Seeing The Mystical.

According to a research study conducted at University of British Columbia color blue boosts creativity; read article “Effect Of Colors: Blue Boosts Creativity, While Red Enhances Attention To Detail“, which is published by ScienceDaily. This is what I am trying to convey by saying that the sky is opening my Horus (inner eye). This is something I have felt at a rather deep level during my meditative states. Sometimes, during my deepest states, staring at the night sky connects me to the sky itself. I see vast stretched sky; and, I feel it being drawn inside my head. I feel the wind that is at the higher level of the sky; and, I recreate it inside my head. I wonder about the stars; and, I feel entranced. According to the article “4 Amazing Health and Social Benefits of Stargazing“, which is published by The Vines of Sandhill, gazing at the night sky boosts creativity. All this also means that extrasensory perception increases while looking at the blue color or the sky during day or night.

The above analysis brings me back to my lucid dreams. I will now discuss one element of exactly one of my lucid dreams. In one lucid dream, I saw Dr. Craig Considine, some folks, and myself in a train. We were having food. Around a year afterwards, in year 2018, I met Dr. Craig Considine at an Interfaith event called “The Parliament of World’s Religions”. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year” and listen to an audio recording of my dream. Later, I had time to review some of Craig Considine’s online comments; I still have not completed a thorough review of his works. Surprisingly, I found out that Craig believes in interacting and collaborating while eating. See below.

What I Will Never Forget About 9/11 by Dr. Craig Considine

Craig Considine’s Tweet 1

Craig Considine’s Tweet 2

How can a Muslim promote Islam in today’s world? Dr Craig Considine discussion with Dr MehmetOzalp by ISRA Academy

I seriously did not knew that Craig believed that strongly in the importance of breaking bread together. I clearly recall that around a year before I actually met Craig, I just entered a historic dream where I had a feast for some reason—I was totally unaware when this happened.

Overall, use of layman’s terms allows me to convey critical information to anyone including those who are not privileged enough to be educated. Not to forget that a closer investigation of my experiences compels use of high level information such as Sciences.

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