Does This Lucid Dream Suggest That Dolphins Are Psychic?

Today, I analyzed an older dream of mine. I had this one when I dreamt of swimming under the ocean.

Pretty soon, I was under the ocean. Then I was next to a real dolphin who got very near me. I got scared for some unknown reason though! Perhaps, I thought this thing was just going to eat me. So I started listening to my inner voice; and, the voice said, “I am not afraid; I am afraid of God”.

Source: I Dreamt Of A Dolphin Today.

At the time I wrote down this dream, I interpreted this as a warning about how sometimes dolphins consume humans; I mentioned two relevant articles in the original blog post. However, today, I remembered something else about this dream. The dolphin was looking at me and it moved towards me. I am now wondering if there is a second meaning attached here. What if a real dolphin was somehow interacting with my soul? What if this is what I saw! I must comment that there are times when I see something in my dream and then the exact same thing or something very similar happens as soon as I wake up. It feels like I am here in this world and at the same time I am somewhere else; it feels like present (dream) and future (after the dream) share the same space.

Today, I found Jason Bittel’s article “Five Animals That Can Sense Things You Can’t“. This article states that even soft things can’t hide from dolphins. I focused on this article a little bit more and my mind started rambling. It said, “But you sometimes feel soft like light rain or air, Arzoo.” I agreed with this simply because this is part of being a lucid dreamer or a telepath. Then I rhymed in by saying, “What if dolphins are psychic? What if this dolphin somehow sensed me when my soul traveled—while I was dreaming—under the ocean?” I am not so sure how correct this reasoning is; but there was definitely a sense of purpose and use of sight as the dolphin moved towards me. Some research suggests that dolphins can communicate telepathically and have a collective consciousness. Check out video “Video Nugget: Human-Dolphin Telepathy with Christian de Quincey“, which is posted on YouTube channel “New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove“. Not to forget that there is another group of experts who believe that dolphins aren’t telepathic in nature; read Victoria Woollaston’s article “Are dolphins psychic? Their complex social intelligence suggests the animals may share a ‘collective No“.

I have been discovering lots of new things through lucid dreams and telepathy. It has been quite a ride! Even I am a bit puzzled about what I am realizing about the dolphins. What would happen if I were to connect with other dolphins through dreams? What would happen if I stayed focused on some animals of the Animal Kingdom while dreaming? I laugh and sometimes feel a bit of fear when I think about what I can manage to learn while sleeping in my bed!

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