A Message From A Spirit That Looked Like A Boy

Today, I had a series of dreams. I forgot most of them when I woke up simply because I didn’t wish to document all of these and because I was a bit stressed. But, I remember a dream that stood out from the rest of the dreams in terms of clarity and significance.

I received a visitation by a spirit that looked like a boy. His face was slim; he had excellent features such as a beautifully defined jawbone and lovely deep eyes; his manner of conduct was elegant, sober, and thoughtful. Before this spirit appeared, I felt some sort of strong energy to my left side. I opened my Horus (inner eye) again to lookI had recently closed it after checking out another dream. Darkness changed into light; and, I was able to see a child spirit sitting next to me on my bed. He looked at me and gazed right in my eyes. He had a firm look, which was very difficult to ignore. Then he showed me a piece of paper on which some names were scribbled. To my surprise, he was sharing names of some very noteworthy religious and historic Islamic figures; all of these were names of those who have passed away several years ago. He also showed me some other names, some of which were written in a language that looked a lot like Hebrew languageperhaps, these were key figures from other faiths. For some reason, I thought that there were even names of some otherworldly creatures written there. Then he said that they are all looking forward to connecting with me.

I thought about this dream when I woke up. For some reason, I was able to remember it pretty well. I think I am at a turning point in my development! If I were to keep reading suitable books and continue interacting within a relevant environment, then I would be able to connect with these spirits. Other important religious figures I have connected with during my dreams are Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and Pope Francis; in addition, I have seen an image of Jesus; lastly, I have come across Dr. Craig Considine as well who is a distinguished interfaith scholar versed in Christian-Muslim relations. Read “Did I See Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) In My Dream?“; “Regarding Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq“; “The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!“; and, “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year“.

I look forward to connecting with these new spirits. I am actually very excited about all this! And, I am hoping that this dream was more than just a rant that my brain spits out when it needs to do. I feel this dream was a genuine message because it was a vivid dream that was easy to remember when I woke up.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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