How A US Democratic Nominee, Qasim Rashid, Appeared In My Dream To Warn Of The 2021 Capitol Riots

I wrote down a particular dream about US Democratic Nominee, Qasim Rashid, in 2019; I edited this one last time in May 2020. Before you read about this dream, know that I have never met Qasim in person ever; even then I am able to nail these things through his dream character. Also know that I have visited America a couple of times, perhaps only twice, in my life; and at the time I had this dream, and another relevant one, I was sleeping inside Canada.

Qasim was standing in an office; several members of his campaign were sitting there and listening to his speech. He had a plan that he was conveying to them. The scene shifted. Qasim was now in another office where he was checking things on his computer. A woman from his campaign followed him. By the time she arrived near his office, someone from an adjacent office threw out some of his stuff in anger. The woman got scared and Qasim had to hide her in his room. She complained that she was feeling frightened and frustrated about what was going on in the next room. Qasim patiently listened to her and decided to do something about this. Source: Please Support VA Senate District 28 Dem Nominee “Qasim Rashid”.

Below are the images that show the entire Revision History of the post “Please Support VA Senate District 28 Dem Nominee “Qasim Rashid”.

Soon after this dream, in Jan 2021, the Capitol Riots took place during which some Democrats were also harmed; read Wikipedia article “2021 United States Capitol attack“. Also, there is some news about Pelosi’s laptops being stolen and offices being ransacked. Here is a relevant article “Capitol riot suspect plotted to sell stolen Pelosi laptop to Russian intelligence, authorities say“; it is written by Tom Winter and Corky Siemaszko and published on NBC News. In this dream, I saw a Democratic Nominee Qasim Rashid working with his team when someone went through the stuff that was inside an adjacent office. The Democrats were working when the Capitol Riots took place; and, they had to flee as soon as they realized what was going on.

I started writing this post on August 30, 2019. Note that the scroll bar for the Revision History section is all the way to the end.
I finished editing the post on May 22, 2020. Note that the scroll bar for the Revision History section is all the way to the top.

I had another dream about such mass confusion around 2015. This dream described the coming of a plague as well as some kind of severe civil unrest. Read the full post “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years“.

I believe that angels are guiding my dreams. This is just one such historic vision; I had several more. Read “Progenitor Dream Characters and “Big Dreams”: Lessons Derived From Evolution Of Carl Jung’s Dream Character Elijah And His “Big Dreams”. I learned about lucid dreaming through Islam. A couple of Islamic stories have taught me the following: Prophet Mohammad and Prophet Joseph were both lucid dreamers; Lady Mary used to hear voices; and, Hazrat Khizr was a time traveler. This dream should help Americans, as well as the West, realize that America is not under threat due to Islam.

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