A Dream That Has Something To Do With Balochistan, Pakistan, and India

I had an interesting dream yesterday or perhaps a couple of days ago. I am a bit vague about when this happened because I didn’t record this on the same day it occurred; I am recording it today. Time-traveling while sleeping (lucid dreaming) is challenging and then documenting all this entirely on my own is tough!

Before I had this dream, I didn’t know much about the issue at hand. In this dream, I was walking somewhere. It was a large place; the ground was carpeted, I think. I didn’t fully notice where I was; but, I did see myself standing somewhere. Suddenly, a young man came up to me and said, “You are standing on this particular Human Rights Activist’s grave”. I won’t say this activist’s name because I wish to ensure his confidentiality; but, the person this young man was referring to discusses human rights issues that take place in India. During the dream, I started feeling frustrated when I heard this man say this to me. Before addressing him, I looked at where I was standing; and, I felt that he wasn’t buried there yet. Deep down, I felt very much afraid for this activist. I looked directly at this young man and yelled, “You are lying to me. He is still alive!” This guy ran away from me the second I said this. I looked up and saw that he was running to hide behind a stage. I believe that the stage had “Balochistan” written on it. I woke up soon afterwards because my feelings had become intense, which cause lucid dreams to break.

I don’t know what this all means. This dream could be literal or symbolic in nature. Literal means that something is actually going to happen there; but, symbolic means that this dream symbolizes some relevant truth or a possibility.

I wanted to ignore this signal! I was tired of documenting my dreams; and, I was loaded with work. This is why I am recording this a bit late. Anyways, I tried ignoring this dream; but, my mind kept racing back to another dream. I have not shared this dream online before. I received this vision around the time the Syrian refugees were using boats to travel to find safer lands—this was some years ago. Like the above-mentioned dream, I got a short signal in this dream; to my surprise, this signal later came true. In this dream, I felt that a voice was talking to me. We were discussing the condition of the Syrian refugees. And, the voice took me there. Now I was sitting inside a boat; and, I could sense human hands holding the boat. When I woke up, I knew that someone or some folks were moving the boat with his/her/their hands. I didn’t realize what this all meant until recently. According to Katy Fallon’s article “Syrian ‘hero’ swimmer among dozens facing trial in Greece”, Syrian refugee Sarah Mardini and her sister Yusra Mardini swam to save a sinking vessel by dragging it and thus saved some passengers.

So I thought back to this older dream; and, I felt it was necessary for me to record this new dream no matter how brief it was. Here is a possible interpretation.

Balochis of Balochistan are facing human rights atrocities in Pakistan; and, Amnesty International is asking the Pakistani government to act. See Amnesty International’s article “Pakistan: Balochistan atrocities continue to rise”. According to Hammad Sarfraz’s article “EU watchdog uncovers massive Indian disinformation campaign against Pakistan” India has a disinformation campaign that’s targetting Pakistan; there is even a group called “Friends of Balochistan”. So India definitely has some influence inside Balochistan; and, mistreatment of Balochistanis within Pakistan is only going to exacerbate such issues.

The symbolic interpretation of this dream suggests that showing that this activist’s grave is in Balochistan indicates India’s growing impact inside this region, which will somehow harm even this particular activist or just reduce the impact of his work. Literally, it means that someone is planning to harm him if he ends up in Balochistan or someone from Balochistan wishes to harm him. Note that I am offering a couple of possible interpretations; and, only time will show what exactly is going on.

I have finished documenting this specific signal; and, I am hoping and praying that the Human Rights community will pay some attention to this entire matter.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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