Lucid Dreams Helped Me Participate In Christian-Muslim History

God helped me participate in one of the most significant events of Christian-Muslim history through lucid dreams. Here is a brief summary of this reality. Read the detailed version of this truth here; see post “Regarding Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq“.

  1. I went through a lot of grief after the war on Iraq started. I even started receiving nightmares; one of these was a very startling nightmare during which I was escorted by a spirit/an angel as I looked at wounded Iraqis. In this dream, I promised that I will be back after this and that I will do something about this.
  2. Around a year before Pope Francis visited Iraq in 2021, I dreamt of meeting him.
  3. Pope Francis connected with the Muslim Iraqi leaders on March 06, 2021; my birthday is on March 06.

According to Tom Wilkinson’s article “On Historic Trip, Pope Francis Meets Iraq’s Shia Leader al-Sistani, Urges Peace Amongst Faiths” this event was the first time a Grand Ayatollah and a Pope ever met.

Wow! I thought this was a significant dream; but, I just realized the importance of this dream. It helps to note that the famous Muslim traveler Ibn Batuta received a dream that showed him that he was meant to become a world-renowned traveler; read Joshua J. Mark’s article “Ibn Battuta“, which is published in World History Encyclopedia.

I feel that God is asking me to step in and start taking action; and, I intend to do exactly this. I wonder what else God has planned for me!

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