I Caught Professor Eric Anthamatten’s Murder Through A Lucid Dream

I have done some psychic readings through lucid dreams and even while I am awake—I am still learning. Eric Anthamatten was one of those people I could actually love and admire while reading.

Inside, a startling sight welcomed me. Inside everything was grey: skeletons were grey; walls were grey; and, the grave was grey. Two human skeletons were sitting near a grave that appeared like a box or a sealed hole. The beings that were sitting there almost frozen in space and time actually noticed me when I started screaming, “Where is the airport?” To answer my inquiry, the skeletons started moving, which was shocking and exciting to watch. The male skeleton indicated something to the woman and me. The female skeleton held a knife; asked the male skeleton to help her; sat on the box/hole; noticed that the guy skeleton was not going to do anything; and, then attempted to open the box/hole with her knife. The knife made some grating screeches and finally the box/hole opened. When she opened it, a male skeleton that was stored inside became alive and just stepped out. As soon as he got out of the place where he was confined, he slit his throat with the knife and changed into some kind of soil-like substance. I think he somehow conveyed to me that he was the old boyfriend of the female skeleton. The opening to the airport was at the bottom of this pit. The female skeleton pointed out and said, “The airport is in there”. All of a sudden, the scenes shifted. The female skeleton now looked like a very pretty woman; she was dressed in white and was about to be wed to an Asian guy. The guy was brown, tall, and slim; and, he had a distinct black beard. He had locked himself in the washroom for some reason; and, he actually opened the door when his bride requested him to do so. Inside, there were two young toddlers who belonged to this couple. He turned around, noticed his woman, and did not state anything.

This guarded grave was the key to the airport. This must have felt spooky, which is why we never made it to our initial designation. Source: Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport.

This is the dream that I had in May 2019; see date by visiting the blog post “Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport“. Eric was stabbed to death in May 2021. I wrote about his death for the first time in blog post “Scary Dreams Can Symbolize Multiple Things Including Death“.

During my readings, I started feeling close to Eric. I have never met Eric in real life; and, I have only interacted with him through Twitter. I have definitely read and watched some of his challenging Philosophy essays because I am a student of Philosophy—I am deeply in love with his writings.

I checked the news again today. I found the following about Eric’s untimely death.

So one thing that is making sense to me is that Eric was stabbed; so I think that the skeleton that came out of the grave and showed me that his wound was caused by a knife or something like a knife was Eric’s skeleton. Also, it is easy to conclude by observing the way the skeletons were behaving that Eric’s death was a planned activity or intentional. Furthermore, I was able to tell that travel to the airport and grave were connected. I wonder what is the rest of the story!

Before reading the rest, please keep in mind that I am also a creative writer so forgive any rant that might have dripped into this vision! I drew an image and wrote a detailed description of this dream here; read “Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport“. I am now wondering how the rest of the details from my dream tie into this horrific murder! Keep in mind that this dream is also linked to COVID-19 and mass graves in New York, which could be the reason why it is more complicated; read “Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision“.

This is not the first time I caught a crime through my dreams. I also found out about gross abuse of a woman (Knights of the Flying Carpet) and possible murders or abuses of a world-renowned journalist and other related individuals that have started right now under the UAPA (Lucid Dreams Show Broader Social Issues). I actually managed to inform both of the folks from my dreams in time! But like I wrote earlier, I can’t really fight God’s will, which is what I have learned after analyzing Eric’s case—I was unable to warn Eric for some reason. May God grant peace to Eric’s soul!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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