Description Of An Angel That Visited Me During A Lucid Dream

I received a vision of an angel that visited me during a lucid dream. This entity was sitting on top of the Earth; for now, it was sitting on top of Singapore. But as the entity looked around, I could see that everything else was an open game. As our roughly spherical Earth came into my view, I could see that it displayed all countries; I could see their names on this dream object, this Earth. The angel was just sitting on top, suspended in space, and looking down on Earth waiting to move forward when needed. It was a dark-colored entity with no facial features. I couldn’t figure out how it really looked except that it was tall and slim. It felt like it had excessive strength and emotions. It was quiet but wise and perhaps telepathic. It was sitting with its legs bent, a position that reminds me of when I am hugging my knees while sitting; it was looking down at Earth in an alert manner. I felt like this angel was going to help me move to a certain part of the world if I shared my intention to do so—the intention is like a steering wheel in the world of dreams. It is interesting to see that I saw this entity sitting there and somehow communicating with me but I was always there although I didn’t see myself.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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