Apocalypse Is Nearer Now

One of Prophet Mohammad’s (peace be upon him) prophecies regarding the arrival of the apocalypse is that as mankind will near End Times, the Muslims will be very weak; they will be so divided that their enemies will attack them in groups. This is a very famous prophecy; and, you should be able to find it online easily. Here is one video that shares this one; see YouTube channel’s ManyProphetsOneMessage‘s video “Mind Blowing Prophecies of Muhammad” (starting from instance 11:34). What is happening with the Muslims right now actually reveals this truth that Prophet Mohammad spoke several years ago.

Prophet Mohammad also hinted that Muslims won’t be practicing or good anymore, which now shows through division. Here is a good example of division caused by Muslims. Watch YouTube channel Muslim Central’s video “Was Maryam a Prophet? | Are there Female Prophets in Islam? – Sh. @Abdul Wahab Saleem“. Isn’t it funny to hear that the majority of the Muslim scholars believe that there are no female prophets but the minority opinion indicates that prophetesses actually exist and are mentioned in the Quran? Removing the notion that prophetesses exist is actually pretty derogatory towards women since it somehow adds to the misogynistic idea that it is okay to tell women what to do. Watch YouTube channel Islamic Documentary Films & Shorts’s video “Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam: Akbar Ahmed (2009)“. In this video, starting from instance 7:42 till 9:34, a woman named Najah Bazzy states that Muslim women are not leading because the Muslim culture, and not Islam, is putting them at the back. Najah is actually referring to how some Muslims are making things up that Prophet never required; such as gender-separated areas inside the masjids. The reality is that Prophet Mohammad never asked the women to pray in a different room. Read Mariam Nabbout’s article “Saudi cleric reminds people of Islam’s history of ‘no gender segregation” and watch YouTube channel Let the Quran Speak’s video “Why Do Muslim Women Pray Behind Men?” Truth is that the way some Muslims are practicing Islam is causing misogyny within the Muslim communities of this world. There are Muslim families out there whose women are invisible from their family members as well as family friends; and, there are Muslims out there who don’t want their daughters to even have a cellphone. This means that there are plenty of Muslim women out there who can’t get help at the right time while their insensitive family members go around doing religious tasks like praying or fasting—safe Muslim households where women are free and happy also exist. All this inequality is causing further inequalities in the world, which is what’s causing bigger issues like plagues. Read the article “Link Between Plagues and Freedom”. Nowadays, there is even the #MosqueMeToo campaign and not just the #MeToo campaign. The truth is that non-Muslim women are going through lots of abuse as well.

Saying all this, I must comment that I have been observing the Doomsday Clock for quite some while now. I remember when this clock was at 3 minutes in 2016; see Daniel White’s article “World Still 3 Minutes Away From Destruction, Doomsday Clock Says“. And, I recall when this clock moved to 2 minutes in 2018; see Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ article Doomsday Clock moves its closest to midnight since height of Cold War. Well! The news just got worse from here onwards. In 2021, at the Parliament of World’s Religions, speakers Reverend Stephen Avino and David Hales noted something important. In the video “2021PoWR | Rev. Stephen Avino Addresses the Opening Ceremony”, starting at instance 3:27, Rev. Stephen shares that the Parliament of World’s Religions has failed to reach its goals; and, in the video “2021PoWR | Climate Visual Statement“, David shares that the next generation is left to suffer due to Climate Change if we didn’t make the necessary changes now. You know, I checked out the Doomsday Clock again today. It turns out that it is at 100 seconds! Read article Paulina Firozi’s article “Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds to midnight for third year in a row: ‘Steady is not good news’“.

Put all the clues together; and, the conclusion is pretty simple. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was right. We are definitely approaching the apocalypse.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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