Strong Energies or Psychic Force Sensed Inside Rice University

Today, in the morning, I had a very interesting dream. Before you read this, know that I have never been to Rice University or Texas and that I had this dream while sleeping inside Canada.

In this particular dream, I was given a program that had an agenda and lots of information about the university. The program was beige in color and it was filled with text and images. One of the agenda items—I could see the bold font—was “Choir”. This word was highlighted as I touched it. As soon as I clicked this word, I started moving. I was now moving through a pretty long hallway or corridor. I just moved, moved, and moved; and, the hallway kept opening up in different places. I eventually ended up in a large court—it wasn’t a student hall. Here a stage was set and several people were seated in rows and rows of chairs. There were five to six women standing at the stage; and, they were ready to perform. I walked to the stage; and, then took a right turn towards another hallway that linked into lecture rooms, study halls, and offices. I never entered this hallway; but, I knew that it was leading to these places.

As I walked inside Rice University, I realized that this place was familiar since I had been here before during a couple of other dreams. I have sensed lots of energy every time I have dreamt of Rice University. I have spoken to several dream characters who inhabit this place. I receive a strong feeling of nostalgia whenever I dream about this place almost like I have always known this place and these dream characters. Aah! This is definitely a strong lucid dreaming experience.

I woke up and checked online. I found out that Rice University definitely has performances by choirs. In fact, Rice University has a music school named “The Shephard School of Music at Rice“. I had no idea! I have explored Rice University a bit before; but my review of this place is limited to what my dreams tell me. For example, read this dream in the blog post “My Dream About Women Abuse At Rice University”.

To my surprise, I noticed that these buildings were surrounded by water; there was so much water all around these buildings that you can swim in there as you try to get to the university. At some point, I went under the water. I saw a lot of green stuff floating on water. It seemed to be clustered in some areas; and I could see its boundaries thinning where this stuff ends. I could see water all around me; but, I felt reluctant to explore this region…Rice University is in Houston, Texas. And, Houston is at risk of flooding. Read article “Sea Level Rise Projection Map – Houston” at

Source: My Dream About Women Abuse At Rice University.

Thus, it is easy to conclude that lucid dreams help the dreamers engage in remote viewing so that they may view the future or something already present.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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