A Lucid Dream About America and Wales

I had the following dream in the morning today. As soon as I became lucid, something held my hand and dragged me out of my body rather quickly. I was now out of my body. I lifted the ceiling and looked down. I could see that everything was very dark. I don’t know what exactly this darkness symbolizes; does it symbolize the end of something? For instance, I had a dream where things were pretty dark before Professor Eric Anthamatten actually got murdered; see blog posts “Scary Dreams Can Symbolize Multiple Things Including Death” and “I Caught Professor Eric Anthamatten’s Murder Through A Lucid Dream“.

I peered into the darkness; and, I could see the outlines of all the houses—I thought I was looking at huts because they looked so small. As I jumped, I felt something else was moving me. I was now moving through space super-fast; surprisingly, I didn’t feel any fear. I felt that something very strong was teleporting me. All of a sudden, I ended up near a ship that was sailing in a large waterbody. I almost fell in the water; I regained balance and pulled myself on top of this ship. This part of the ship was slim; and, it was just a little above the water. Thus, it was easy for me to use my hand and arm to push myself forward and sit on the ship. I didn’t check to see what type of ship I was on, whether it was a large or small watercraft. People were sitting in rows, almost like they were ready to row the ship. They weren’t rowing but sitting there alert staring towards the horizon.

I was now sitting in the middle of two Americans. I could tell that they were Americans because they were wearing the colors of the American flag. I looked back and addressed a woman who was sitting behind me. She said that America is going towards Wales after I inquired what was going on. When I asked why this mission was taking place, she said that she is not supposed to tell a citizen. Then she looked at me suspiciously and backed out. This part of the dream actually means that there were citizens on board or that there were no citizens on board and the dream characters were acting this way to tell that this is supposed to be a top-secret mission.

I eventually started feeling impatient because everyone was so quiet; so I got out of the ship. I met some dream characters in different places and asked them if they knew why America is going to Wales. Most of the people said that they don’t know what’s going on. Eventually, I got to a customer services representative of a shop and asked her if she knew why America was going to Wales. She looked at me and said the word “Authentic”. Then she went back inside the shop and started talking to the shop owner. I had a feeling like she said that she will try to find out; but she ended up spending too much time talking to the shop owner. So I decided to move away. One thing that was repeated during this adventure was that not many people knew what was going on and that this was supposed to be a secret mission of some sort.

I wonder what will happen if I were to go back to this dream and started where I left it! I am hoping that I didn’t just tap into a dimension other than this Earth, which is also possible during lucid dreaming. I didn’t figure out when this was taking place although I remember repeating the following thought for a couple of days: “I need only the truth. I need to see the future, but only the truth”. I wonder if this dream relates to an increase in Islamophobia, which is an issue that bothers me!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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