Islamic Teachings and My Lucid Dreams About Consciousness

Only in Islam, I learned things like your hands will testify about humans on the Day of Judgement. I did not hear such things anywhere else.

When I started learning lucid dreaming in detail, I realized that there were certain things that happened during the dreams that didn’t make much sense while I was awake. Some beings that I was able to somehow connect with are as follows:

  1. Birds; read “Lucid Dream About Dead Birds
  2. Bugs like locusts; read “I Dreamt Of The Locust Invasion In Pakistan
  3. A dolphin; read “Does This Lucid Dream Suggest That Dolphins Are Psychic?
  4. An elephant; read “Sword of the Thinker
  5. Trees; read “Which Disney Princess Am I Like?”
  6. Some sort of robots; read “Is The Dreamscape A Realm For Controlling Digital Devices?

Recently, I came across Olivia Goldhill’s article “The idea that everything from spoons to stones is conscious is gaining academic credibility“. According to this article, the concept that everything is conscious is becoming more accepted among key researchers and academicians.

In Islam, I have learned that everything is conscious. Islam teaches us that everything like bugs, birds, trees, and the human body is alive and able to perceive. Islam teaches us that these things speak truth to God, Prophets, and Messengers; for instance, there is a story of how a tree connected to humans and Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Learn what Islam teaches by watching the following YouTube videos:

I know from experience that creative people like me can experience some of this truth through lucid (clear) dreams as well as certain incidences that occur while one is awake. I hope you don’t feel confused as you read this and realize that creative people view the world in a different manner than the rest; see The Conversation’s article “People with creative personalities really do see the world differently“.

So I opened yet another code through my dreams. Everything is conscious including trees, birds, marine life, and the universe. This is how I can interact with so many things while I dream. Here is a particular dream of mine; earlier I wrote that I met a gang of Jinn but it is possible that I am just looking at some angel or Dark Matter of some sort. Note that I sensed a very strong presence in this dream and I somehow ended up thinking that I was looking at many entities that were part of a Dark Mass of some sort. I never really saw any entity; I just saw something really dark, something like some sort of thick gas. When I wrote this, I used the word “they” to describe this really odd feeling I had!

The black mass flew over the buildings with stealthily speed. They were many in numbers and the woman could see them. They were also fully aware of her presence. But, they liked her presence so they allowed her to be part of their gang. The black mass was enormous, long, and ever-molding; dark and tightening as the deepest depths of ocean; fast as sound or lightning; fierce as the deadliest inhabitants of the jungle; and deceptive, quiet, and expressed as the darkened forest. Black mass camouflaged them from everyone as they rested in mid-air, above shops, and further strategized their movements. They were many in numbers and were fearsome yet playful. During this encounter, her fear quickly changed into trust as she flew and twirled with the jinn gang. They silently watched over her while she purchased a soap from a small shop. As she came out of the shop, they circled her and lifted her protectively. Then they all flew together again as the woman enjoyed this new comradeship. “They will drop me back home safely,” she told herself as she experienced this rather fast, dark, and inexplicable dash through the sky.

Earthlings that are like Kryptonians

Not to forget that both prayers and dreams can change reality by influencing consciousness. One of the biggest miracles that were given to me by God was the ability to participate in Christian-Muslim history through lucid dreams; read “Lucid Dreams Helped Me Participate In Christian-Muslim History“. My prayers are attached to this entire incident. And, prayers are known to shift reality; read “Prayer May Reshape Your Brain … And Your Reality“. So you can see that prayers definitely alter reality including the human brain. My experiences show me that dreams do the same somehow. For instance, the meeting of Pope Francis with Iraqi leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani occurred on March 06—without any participation from my end. Truth is that this event is related to Iraq; and I have prayed a lot to ask God to stop the war in Iraq. Note that both this event and my birthday took place on March 06! So many humans participated to create this event while in a relevant dream I held the hand of an angel to see wounded Iraqis.

Everything is definitely conscious!

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