Meditation On Jesus Christ/Isa: Dream Character Offers Faith And Healing

Today I had an extremely fascinating dream; before sleeping, I meditated on Jesus Christ/Isa. In the world of Lucid Dreaming, Reiki, and Guardian Spirits, Jesus Christ/Isa is considered an Ascended Master; Ascended Masters visit people when they are needed.

Before I fell asleep, I meditated on Jesus Christ/Isa and created a bubble over me by rubbing my hands, moving my palms away; and then writing “Jesus Christ” inside this imaginary bubble. I repeated a couple of times in my meditation that I wanted to connect with Jesus. In this meditation, I thought of holding Christ’s hand as I spoke to him directly and then I prayed to God. I specifically said to God that whatever will take place will happen because God allowed it to occur.

In this dream, a slim, dark, and friendly shadow figure appeared to my right. It tapped my right shoulder, rubbed my arm, took my hand, and helped me exit my body; also, I heard low soothing whispers. I felt safe in its presence and thus I gently stepped out of my body. This dream character then took me to the window and somehow opened it. I was astonished to see that the weather was very cataclysmic. A storm was taking place, a storm so heavy that the whole sky was shaking. There was no way out! I felt that if I were to step out, I will be taken away by harsh winds. This scene is very hard to describe. It is like looking at a static broken TV screen; sky, clouds, and winds everything was in a state of violent movement. I felt that the world in front of me was going to break. I don’t fully understand what I was looking at. I sometimes receive precognitive (true) dreams; so this could possibly mean that a significant weather disturbance is approaching us. It definitely looked like something of cataclysmic proportion. I stood paralyzed near the open window. The entity held me like I was a child. Its hands were wrapped around me. It was holding a portion of my abdomen as well so I felt warmer and safer—I had severe menstrual cramps before I fell asleep. I got very scared at the sight that beheld me so I left the entity and moved back into my body. At some point, I told this figure that I was feeling frightened.

Once inside my body, I started dreaming again. Interestingly, this shadow figure didn’t desert me. This time it placed its hand on my throat, right on top of Adam’s Apple or perhaps somewhere near it. I felt something warm coming out of my throat. As the figure moved its hand away, I felt something pleasurable pulse through my brain; a bit of happiness enveloped me although I don’t know what exactly happened. I don’t know what exactly it took out of me; but, for some moments, my mind felt warm and ticklish. What if it healed me and removed my fear! The entity then held my right hand again and took me out of my body. It opened the window again; now I witnessed a beautifully clean and calm scenery. There was no storm! I could see human habitation again. The scene was now stable and safe. I instantly flew out of the window and enjoyed flying for a while. I usually receive dreams/visions about issues like human rights abuses and climate change; perhaps I needed a break. Read “Link Between Plagues and Freedom“.

I wonder if this entity is related to Jesus or if it was Jesus himself. Please note that my dream wasn’t extended enough because I could sense my human body’s menstrual pain while I was outside of my body. I woke up only to research the miracles of Isa. I learned that one of his miracles was to calm the storm. Perhaps, I briefly read about this when I was much younger; but I am not sure if I did. Therefore, I believe that this dream is trying to show the presence of this particular Ascended Master.

The reason I saw a Shadow Figure is 1) I prefer not to look at Isa’s sacred face due to respect; or, 2) I am still not at the right vibration or frequency. It helps to note that I believe that Jesus Christ is still alive and that he will return one day. The following elements of this dream really stand out:

  • The figure attempted to take me out of my body by using my right hand and it arrived at my right side. It is well known that according to Biblical and Islamic texts, right hand or right side symbolizes honor.
  • It healed me by touching my abdomen, communicating in low whispers, and holding me to ensure my psychological safety.
  • It shared with me how Jesus calmed the storm by participating in two different dream snippets.
  • It pulled something out of my throat. Perhaps it removed fear or something relevant! I don’t know which point it pressed and exactly why. Perhaps it pressed a Reiki point—I don’t know Reiki yet.

I believe that there is some wisdom in using a Shadow Figure instead of a human body. It is strongly possible that I would have felt too excited after seeing Jesus/Isa and my emotions would have heightened significantly, which would have broken the dream. If this would have happened, then I would have never received the rest of the message. I have always believed that God (Allah) has spirits who do God’s work; so if I say my prayers to God and then receive spirits in my dreams, then these are from God. God sends whoever God wants and to whomever!

I am very delighted after today’s experience. Lucid Dreaming is a miracle! I have performed several astonishing feats through dreams. I even participated in Christian-Muslim history through dreams; read “Lucid Dreams Helped Me Participate In Christian-Muslim History“.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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