Lucid Dream Showed That Dr. Craig Considine Will Become A Bigger Champion

On Sep 16, 2021, I recorded a superb vivid dream that I had either in the morning or in the night. I have posted the recordings below. But, pardon me! The recording didn’t go that well because I was kind of sleepy when I was recording this.

At the start, I was flying; and, I had moved to a very high height in the sky. I was surrounded by lots of clouds. The sky was extremely large. It was getting dark. And from the sky, I could see lights and human establishments—I think I was near skyscrapers. From the floating clouds, I could see all sorts of lights like blue and red. I was viewing an entire city that was flooded in lights. As I moved fast through the sky, I saw something very attractive. I saw a high and wide building that was made out of white bricks. I could see white bricks all the way through; and, I flew near this building for some while. The building looked like something made in a building block game. It had that shape—little blocks protruding out here and there.

As I flew, I saw something that looked similar to dragons. I flew closer and eventually was able to see flocks of seagulls. I flew right past the seagulls and was able to view them up close. Eventually, I went higher up in the sky and formed the intention to see this speaker. I spun and allowed myself to do a free fall. Some sort of gravitational pull pulled me as I fell diagonally. Everything around me went from almost dark to dark and almost invisible to what we see in real life as the city appeared. Now I was at a huge and advanced station of some sort—it felt like a bizarre place that I haven’t seen before. I started looking for this speaker because I thought that he was going to be here. There was also a large, busy coffee shop there. This is when I met a woman who ended up following me during this dream. She understood that I was looking for something or someone. So she said to me, “What or who are you looking for?” I gave her the name of the speaker. She said, “That’s funny! This speaker is in Toronto right now. He is not here yet!”. I am not 100% sure if she said “Toronto”—it could be something else too. Then she dialed in some sort of keypad that was attached to a wall; pretty soon, I was able to see this speaker. He was in a different city altogether; and, I could see that he was playing outdoor games with his family members—they actually fell down while playing. Then I complained, “He was supposed to be here”. The woman was unable to help me any further; she didn’t ask me to leave; but, she tailed me around for some while.

After this, I decided that I should give this speaker a call. I went to the person who was in charge of the station’s phone; here many people were lined up to call other folks. I joined the queue. The guy who was standing behind me was so close that it felt like he was almost hugging me. I felt so frustrated due to him that I left the queue. Then I walked to this guy who was holding the phone and dialing it upon request. I asked him to call the speaker. He said, “Why?” He didn’t reply to me more than that; and, he didn’t dial the phone for me until I offered him some money. So I gave him a bit more cash than what is usually given in such situations. He dialed his number; and, I started talking, “Craig! Hello, hello”. I kept saying hello; but, nobody replied back. I had a weird feeling like this person could hear me. Then the most exciting thing happened. He wasn’t picking up; so I closed the phone and went outside. At this point, I was willing to wait because my dream has brought me to this odd place. The woman whom I had met earlier tailed me out here as well. She said, “Oh look! I think he is coming. Is that him?”

Now I will show you where I am standing. It felt like a really odd place for some reason! The building had large glass doors; there was a pavement; but, instead of a fence, they had a narrow and small steel bar in place behind which some people stood—this served as a fence for a small region. People would hold this bar while standing so that they wouldn’t get pushed to the street if it got crowded. This small steel fence was like an open, hollow rectangle with two sides buried in Earth and one horizontal bar for holding. There were lots of people holding this steel bar; and, many people were gathered on other parts of the pavement as well. The night was here; it felt like it had rained. I saw long streets—I think two streets—in front of me. I was in a huge, busy city; and many cars were parked nearby.

Suddenly, the speaker appeared in my view. The woman peeked over from the pavement towards the left and then she looked towards the door. She then addressed me, “Hang on! Here he is; here is your speaker. Everybody is here. He has arrived.” Feeling surprised, I said, “What!”. I was standing a bit further away; so I now moved towards the crowd. Now I witnessed something very interesting. I saw the speaker and his entire family—after recording this, I thought for some reason that I only saw the speaker and his child, perhaps because they were at the front. Everybody was on bikes—I think I saw motorcycles. They drove towards the crowd; and, people flooded towards them. The crowd got closer to him and waved at him. I waved at him as well! I saw him stop his vehicle as I kept looking to see what they were up to. He got off his motorcycle and walked towards the people as the crowd flooded. They wanted to take pictures with him. And he said, “I am going to be a Champion” as he waved to them like he was being elected for an important position. I didn’t get off the pavement; but, he was standing in the middle of the street while people bugged him to take pictures. All this felt so funny!

I never said Dr. Craig Considine’s name in the first video except once. This is because I was tired of recording my dreams and I felt hesitant about recording details. Shockingly, some invisible force pushed me to record the next audio in which I clearly stated the following: “The speaker in that dream is Craig Considine. I am wondering if this dream is signifying an important event that is going to take place in his life soon somewhere in the future”.

This image shows the date of recording for the first audio to be Sep 16, 2021. “CC” from the audio name “cc-bike-seagulls-flying” stands for Craig Considine. The name shows what’s in the dream: Craig, bikes (motorcycles), and seagulls.
This image shows the date of recording for the second audio to be Sep 16, 2021. “CC” from the audio name “cc-bike-seagulls-flying-2” stands for Craig Considine. The name shows what’s in the dream: Craig, bikes (motorcycles), and seagulls.

Just recently, this lucid dream came true when Craig Considine announced on Twitter that Suleyman Sertkaya’s article “A Critical and Historical Overview of the Sīrah Genre from the Classical to the Modern Period“, which was published in Jan 2022 at MDPI, points out that Craig is a Western scholar whose views would significantly alter how Islam is perceived by folks. On Feb 25 2022, Craig mentioned this article and its finding on his Twitter account; see tweet here. I think that this dream is actually going to come true once more, perhaps when Craig will visit a certain place like the one described in this dream after he was declared a champion in this specific article. Let us find out what happens next! Follow Craig Considine’s Twitter account.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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