Some Dreams That Occur Closely Are Related To Each Other: Visions About Netherlands, Joram Van Klaveren, And CJ Werleman

I had an interesting dream in Nov 2021. I was in a place that looked like my ancestral home but is instead a place that’s located in the Netherlands. There was a woman there. They were cooking something—most likely meat—for family members. I came in and wanted to eat as well. They said that they will cook it for me. Then I saw myself in a home nearby; it is related somehow to people from the other place. This place looked pretty hauntedit was like a ghost house. There was a girl walking there; she had a really long strip of meat attached to her body. I thought she was a jinn! The other human girl reminded me of a friend of mine. She tricked this female jinn and cut her strip of meat (body part) with a scissor. She chewed some of it and said that this is actual meat. The female jinn felt a bit upset; but she didn’t quite notice, perhaps because she felt vulnerable in her female form; even after all this, she kept moving around in the house.

Now comes the scary part! There is a large container of some sort—perhaps some sort of vehicle, like something that holds manure or waste like rotten vegetables—outside a house. A guy came and placed his hand at the back of the container and stared in the dark. Suddenly, a hand creeped out of the container; the hand touched one side of the container. As soon as this guy left, something crawled out of this container. This dream figure, a male jinn, looked a bit like a guy. His upper body portion was really large and round—it looked like a pretty large Water-Pitcher. This entity had a rectangular long strip of meat wrapped around it. He moved into the room and unwrapped its strip of meat (body part). He threw it across the room; the meat strip rolled all the way across to the other end of the room and it looked like a narrow roadway. This meat strip and this entity are near the door. I don’t remember if anyone attacked him or tried to move him out of the way.

The next thing I remember is that a massive flood started inside the house. Water just came out of nowhere and filled the house almost to the top. I didn’t actually see water filling the rooms but it appeared out of nowhere. All the rooms were flooded. For several moments, the men and women, everyone who resided in this place was suspended and dragged from other rooms to the one in the center. Next, I think I saw either a family dog or a blanket of some sort! It looked like a blanket but I have a feeling that there was a pet in there. This thing was floating and the lady of the house held it. Somehow they managed to breathe; they were confused about how so much water was in there. The woman opened the door; I saw sunlight and usual outdoors; the water mysteriously poured out pretty fast; and, one by one all the people were thrown out. Perhaps it is somehow important to note that the lady of the house escaped first! I feel that the spirits occupied the house because they thought that it was their house.

Here are a couple of attached meanings:

  1. I had a vision of the historic past of Netherlands and Europe. The spirits were trying to convey this message, which is why I saw spirits that had stripes of meat as body parts. Read Sarah Everts’ article “Europe’s Hypocritical History of Cannibalism“, which was published in the Smithsonian Magazine.
  2. It is possible that this dream is set in the future and spirits are trying to convey that cannibalism will once again rise in Netherlands. Currently, certain instances of cannibalism are legal in Netherlands. Read MovieCultists’s article “Where cannibalism is legal?” What if in the future factors like ongoing climate change, wars, and/or lack of food would increase cannibalism in this region?
  3. Are these ghosts of actual dead bodies that are yet to be created? I receive precognitive dreams including warning dreams if someone is going to be exploited or pass away somehow; read my dream about Professor Eric Anthamatten’s murder “I Caught Professor Eric Anthamatten’s Murder Through A Lucid Dream“. Now notice how the male jinn had upper body part that looked like a large Water Pitcher. What if this is just a bloated torso that has become even larger by absorbing water? See Daniel Engber’s article “Dead Man’s Float: Why are bodies in the water always facedown?” What if the long strip of meat is something that is stuck on these dead bodies because these bodies were trashed somewhere like thrown in water. Then they came out of their graves to share this message with me. Even in case of Professor Eric Anthamatten, I saw a male crawl out of his grave and then slit his throat with a knife; later, I found out that Eric was stabbed to death. Is this particualr dream of mine a warning about how Russia is going to eventually invade Netherlands and thus create dead bodies there?
  4. The flood is a very important signal about how floods that are caused by ongoing climate change are hurting lives rather badly in Netherlands. Do you know that floating houses are on the rise in this country? Read Shira Rubin’s article “Embracing a wetter future, the Dutch turn to floating homes“, which was published on Grist. Perhaps the content of my dream is showing that the flood starts from inside the house because it is a memory, which fades away when they leave the house and enter into what is now a calmer outdoors.
  5. Netherlands have lots of haunted places. Do a Google search and you will find plenty of interesting articles.

It was rather intriguing to dissect this dream. Please note that I had this dream one day after I dreamt of Joram Van Klaveren, ex-member of Netherland’s Party for Freedom; he is now a Muslim and he is one of my inspirations.

I dreamt of CJ Werleman and Joram Van Klaveren as well as their loved ones on Nov 14, 2021—I have never actually met any of them in person in my entire life. And, I had the dream about spirits that were roaming in a house on Nov 15, 2021.

In this dream, I met Joram, one of his family members, and a couple of his friends (I spoke to only one friend and saw a couple of them from a distance). It was a beautiful experience! Please note that I am not adding all the details here because I am afraid that bad people might misuse these details. I ended up checking out some area around his home as well. Joram was talking to me as if I was his friend and he has known me for some while. He left me in a room in his home where I connected with a girl—perhaps his daughter—who chatted with me for some while. At some point, Joram told me that CJ Werleman was nearby. So I went to see him and briefly connected with him and his family; they were planning to eat outdoors. And, Joram gave me a ride to his office as well where I met one of his colleagues.

The reason I am not willing to provide an audio recording of this dream is that I don’t wish to share all the details. However, I did record this dream on Instagram a little bit; read the caption of this Instagram post and you will notice that I am referring to the same dream. See the date below; this Instagram post was posted in Nov 2021, which is the month I had this dream (as shown in the image shared above).

I usually receive dreams about my inspirations so this dream is nothing different than other dreams. However, I feel that I dragged in the rest of the associated psychic forces from the Netherlands, which is how I received this other dream about spirits roaming in a house that was later flooded.

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