The Beauty Of One Of My Earliest Prayers

When I was a child, I learned to pray a specific prayer on my own. I used to say this prayer just before falling asleep. This prayer ran as follows: “Dear God! Protect this Earth and the people who are living on it.” I was a child back then; so I was completely untouched by the world and the corruption it offered. I used to hear this voice in my head—I still hear psychic voices while awake or asleep—and then I would pray like this thinking that a good Muslim would say this to God because God wants to hear this.

When I was pretty young, I had a weird dream. I saw one of my brothers standing near the window and looking outside where a war was taking place. I then saw my mom and dad sleeping on their bed as a shadow arrived near them. All of us were inside a sphere of some sort, which I believe is a type of mental time machine. Several years later, some wars started after 9/11 and Islamophobia also increased dramatically. My mind struggled to adapt to this brutal and sudden change. This is how my mind became even more lucid and I started enjoying deeper levels of my vision. Now some of my dreams are dedicated to causing humanitarian reform and preventing Islamophobia.

Can you clearly see how stubborn and sticky genuine prayers really are? My experience has taught me that prayers shift reality so I don’t underestimate the power of prayers. Here is the result of some of my prayers. Read “Lucid Dreams Helped Me Participate In Christian-Muslim History” to learn how my prayers and dreams helped me participate in one of the most historic events of Christian-Muslim history. My prayers sometimes provide such accurate results that I ended up calling my prayers “Silver Bullet”; read “Silver Bullet: My Prayers are in Multiple Dimensions” and “Understanding How The “Silver Bullet Prayers” Work“. Current research shows exactly the truth that I have known for a really long; read “Prayer May Reshape Your Brain … And Your Reality“.

Saying all this, I must comment that I find it funny that the only time when I dreamt of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) he asked me to say my prayers; read “Did I See Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) In My Dream?

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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