Another Vision: What’s Hidden Under The Waterbody?

Today, I had a bizarre dream. You must have read earlier in my blog post that I receive visions of death. I believe this is because extremely creative people are somehow connected with the Angel of Death. A couple of times, I have been visited by an entity whom I refer to as the “Dark Giant“; sometimes I feel that this is the Angel of Death.

I saw myself in this dream; I think I was holding a baby. I was in a large building with some other folks; the steel gates shone in the dark night. An enormous field was part of this establishment; and, I saw the gates after crossing this field. It looked like a place that belongs to some dignitary or it could be some other sort of expensive building. I saw a man running towards the door. He had a knife; and, he wanted to murder these people. Also, I saw another attacker as well.

Eventually, we started to fight back. I saw what happened while I was dreaming; but, I forgot what happened when I woke up. I recall that I saw the attackers and some victims fall into the waterbody—I wonder if this was a sea.

My gaze shifted to look at the depths of this waterbody. The dead bodies floated in there; there were lots of these dead bodies. I clearly saw a woman lying with her child; another woman was floating in the standing position and her body was bruised; and, there was another dead body to the left of the previously mentioned one. I think just a couple of people survived!

I believe that these people reacted in self-defense. They tried to escape; but, they knew that no one will come to protect them in time, which is why they took up arms.

I woke up feeling a bit scared. My biggest fear is that this is a precognitive dream, which will come true later on. Lately, I have been thinking about how Russia has attacked Ukraine. I wonder if this vision ties into this reality. The only thing that is bugging me is that none of the attackers had guns, which is what they should have in a war zone. Did this take place somewhere else?

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