Future Activism

The following list was created after reviewing some of my previous dreams. Before sharing this list, I wish to discuss how legendary traveler Ibn Battuta became a legend by following one of his dreams. Ibn Battuta received a dream where he saw himself being carried by a large bird. He later traveled to several countries and became one of the most renowned travelers in the world. Read Khan Academy’s article “Ibn Battuta“.

Below are the issues that I have extracted by using my dreams.

  1. Poverty
  2. Jew-Christian-Muslim Unity
  3. Interfaith Dialogue
  4. Iraq and Iraqis
  5. Afghanistan and Afghanis
  6. Palestine and Palestinians
  7. Climate Change
  8. Violation of Human Rights of Muslims by Imperialistic countries and their allies
  9. India and Indian Muslims
  10. Occupied Kashmir including Kashmiri prisoners
  11. Gangs and Gun Violence
  12. White Supremacy
  13. Women’s Rights
  14. Animals’ Rights
  15. Rights of non-White people
  16. Some topics that are shared by some of my heroes; see blog post “Dance of Heroes

I use my dreams to navigate this cosmos. Thus this project will involve the use of lucid dreams; this is the second part of the original Lucid Dreaming project. The entire transition will have the following three phases:

  1. Submergence: During this phase, I will try my best to learn about these issues in detail. This will help me establish a much stronger psychic grid inside my mind.
  2. Surfacing: This phase will start on its own while Phase 1 is still continuing; during this phase, I will attempt to gaze into the future and the world by using my dreams.
  3. Realization: This will occur when a global change will be created through my works.

I will end this post by bringing this particular dream of mine to your kind attentionthe victim who is mentioned in this dream is still alive and protected. After reading this, you will realize that the SSAD squad is working with me and that I am not working alone. SSAD refers to Spirit Guides, Spirits, Angels, and Dream Characters.

The entities on the flying carpet zoomed through the dark night like knights. These entities felt like extremely strong men; but as you read this, you will realize that these couldn’t have been men. The carpet flew as if it had a will of its own while the entities fought some invisible creatures with their swords. They knew where they were taking me, and I felt comfortable flying with them. I tried to peek below us and was surprised to find folds and folds of deep and penetrating darkness. I could feel myself screaming with surprise, thrill, pleasure, and fear as the carpet flew to its unknown destination. I turned towards the entities to communicate my feelings about this flight, but I could not see their faces or bodies anymore although I was acutely aware of their presence. The carpet flew unabated across time, space, and dark matter.

Then, the flying carpet stayed suspended for a bit on top of a partially broken and desolate house. A voice said, “The woman in the house has fled somewhere. You will have to save her.” I pondered really hard at this command, and then I dissolved through the carpet into the house. The house smelled of kids’ sword fights, domestic quarrels, and the need to escape. Fear crept up my spine as I experienced the invisible vibes of that house. “Where is she? I don’t want to get hurt here,” I inquired the voice, which seemed to have an independent existence, a form that was somehow visible to me in this realm. “Look for her,” the voice beckoned as I woke up.

Source: Knights of the Flying Partner

I must add to this story a miracle that I have experienced through dreams and prayerssometimes my prayers just come true, which I believe is somehow linked to my lucid dreaming abilities. Read “Lucid Dreams Helped Me Participate In Christian-Muslim History“. I participated in one of the most significant events in Christian-Muslim history through dreams; and, Allah (God) willed this particular event to take place on March 06, my birthday.

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