Showing Gratitude To Non-White Dream Characters And Friends

I am writing this post to specifically address White Privilege and White Supremacy. Over time, I have learned that White Supremacists and privileged White people think they can get away with almost anything; they roam everywhere on Earth freely and they harm whoever they desire. White privilege is even harming the Muslim community from within since White Muslims are treated differently. Very disgusting! Watch YouTube channel’s The Muslim Vibe’s video “Are White Muslims… Privileged?

The most basic knowledge that I have learned from Islam is that people must not be discriminated on basis of skin color. Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) specifically showed that inequality can create bigger issues like plagues. Read “Link Between Plagues and Freedom“.

This post is dedicated to all my non-White dream characters. Thank you everyone for being around! Also thanks to all the non-White people (from this dimension) who tried their best to create a positive environment for me. Please note that I am using words like Black and Brown on purpose so that people may realize that these non-White dream characters are diverse and have different skin colours as well. One thing that I am trying to prove by using these words is that intelligence and power don’t belong only to the White crowd!

Thanks to ….

  1. Myself. I am a Brown South Asian woman who receives noteworthy and historic lucid dreams. I appear as a dream character as well. In the world of dreams, I investigate things by asking the right questions; demonstrate curiosity to open my soul to new ideas; and, make reliable relationships with other dream characters.
  2. The Black African woman from the dream that occurred before the election of Trump. This particular dream character warned me about the spread of a plague. I documented this dream in 2015; the coronavirus pandemic started later on. Read “Possibility of Civil War in America“.
  3. Dream characters of two of my friends offer me great company and advice. They belong to multicultural families. Their backgrounds include Indigenous and Jamaican heritage.
  4. Two male dream characters who dated me are a Light-skinned Chinese man and a Black African man. I have not dated these men in real life. I have not documented these dreams at all.
  5. Dream character of US Democratic nominee, Qasim Rashid connected with me in one of my dreams to warn me about the 2021 Capitol Riots. Read How A US Democratic Nominee, Qasim Rashid, Appeared In My Dream To Warn Of The 2021 Capitol Riots.
  6. Ahed Tamimi, a well-known Palestinian activist visited me and pointed out to me the importance of meeting my goals; read dream here “Dance of Heroes“. Ahed Tamimi is mentioned as one of the most influential Muslims in the 2019 Muslim 500 edition.
  7. Ilhan Omar, a US congresswoman, visited me and chatted with me for a while as we rode a bus. Read “Meeting With American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar“. This dream felt very real, almost like she was really sitting right next to me.
  8. Sehar Shabir Shah, daughter of Kashmiri hero Shabir Shah (also known as Nelson Mandela of Kashmir), connected with me in a particular dream where she helped me pack for one of my travels. I haven’t documented this dream online although I have an audio recording of it.
  9. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a US congresswoman, came to teach me in a dream. This dream included a classroom of some sort; we communicated for some while as well. I haven’t documented this dream online although I have an audio recording of it. AOC has Puerto Rican and Indigenous descent.
  10. Please note that a lot of good things such as activism are made possible with the help of non-White dream characters even if some of these dream characters act in an evil manner. One such example is a dream that ties into India’s draconian law UAPA. In this particular dream, two Brown Indian dream characters attacked and wounded a well-known Western journalist with a knife; read “Another Dream Symbol Came True: Amnesty International and India“. Also, in the dream that I had just before this particular one, I saw Modi and his team; read both of these dreams here “Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India“.
  11. Prophet Jesus visited me twice, once as a dark figure and another time in the form of an image that formed on the wall. Jesus was perhaps Brown but definitely not Black; he belonged to the Middle East. Read “Meditation On Jesus Christ/Isa: Dream Character Offers Faith And Healing” and “The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!
  12. I also received a visitation by a dream character who I think is Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). I didn’t see his features because I had meditated that I didn’t want to look at his face out of respect. Later, I developed a much stronger feeling that I had connected with Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad was an Arab man; he most likely had brown skin. Read “Did I See Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) In My Dream?

There are some more dreams with some more incredible non-White dream characters. But it helps to note that I sometimes connect with psychic entities even when I am awake. One of these presences is Mahatama Gandhi; read “A Psychic Experience With Mahatma Gandhi“.

Thank God (Allah) that the dream character that’s based on me—a Brown woman—was able to connect with even evil and less intelligent dream characters as well. It helps to note that interacting with the mysterious psychic entities including angels doesn’t mean being able to experience positive and feel-good energies only. In conclusion, I am truly thankful to all of the non-White spirits who managed to visit me during my psychic experiences including dreams.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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