Is There Going To Be A Deeper Food Crisis in France?

I saw a very odd place. It had glass windows in the lower area where people were gathered to commute; you could see upstairs by looking through these glass windows. There were people walking around; some people were playing Frozen Tag where they touch and freeze. I saw one guy touch a woman by baring her buttock—I wonder if I saw a rape taking place. The woman was wearing a short red skirt; the guy who touched her was right behind her. He did this while she was walking and unaware of what was going to happen.

I believe I saw a train station. The trains were running in both directions. Eventually, the dream characters whom I was accompanying, took a train that connected them to France. Before they boarded the train, they ran into some issue while trying to get the ticket to the train that ran in the opposite direction. When they were on the train, they took some of their items out of a small bag. They had stored rice in two small cylindrical containers. This is when I heard a voice that warned them, “There is a rice shortage in France and people are stealing rice so you need to be careful”.

I woke up thinking about what this dream could mean. The truth is that I receive clear visions through my dreams, which later come true; read some of these dreams ‘Progenitor Dream Characters and “Big Dreams”: Lessons Derived From Evolution Of Carl Jung’s Dream Character Elijah And His “Big Dreams”‘. So I took this dream seriously and started to review existing evidence.

Dreams easily open into unknown realms. Apparently, France currently has a food shortage. I didn’t know this before! Now some experts are worried about France’s food supply; read The Local Fr’s article “Is France heading towards a Food crisis?“. So what if this dream means that the food crisis is going to deepen in France? It helps to note that the dream characters had stored rice in small cylindrical containers. They had really less rice to begin with and then the warning arrived.

Not to forget the horrific scene about a woman being harassed! First of all, I am just surprised at how my psychic mind tends to wander. Here I am sleeping in Canada and dreaming about things that are taking place in a different country. I researched the web after being made aware by this dream; I managed to find a news article about the rape of a French student; read Catriona Harvey-Jenner’s article “Student raped on a train, while all the other passengers just stood by and ignored it“. What if this dream is saying that this might happen in the future as well! It is really freaky to see that this is happening during a food crisis. Whoever is doing these things, please STOP. I believe that the fact that my brain is picking up these signals just shows that humans are receiving these signals even when they aren’t fully aware. My body is kind of paralyzed while I am asleep; I can’t just get out of my bed and run away when I am having these visions. I am sure that if my brain is picking up these signals, everyone else is doing the same more or less.

I wonder what’s going on! Time will tell if this dream is referring to the current situation or the future one. But since I receive precognitive dreams, I am thinking that this one is also showing the future.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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