A Lucid Dream About BJP or RSS

I haven’t turned to reading the news for a while since I was taking a much-needed break. Last night, I completed a meditation and fell asleep.

This dream started with me acting hastily and in a worried manner. I was dressed for some social event. At some point, a couple of dream characters asked me to go into the restaurant and sit down so that men may see me—I felt that was cute of them. I welcomed these comments because I am still unwed.

Unexpectedly, my periods started; I wasn’t prepared to manage this temporary change. I feel this is significant since as a Muslim woman I am usually prepared to manage my periods—hygiene is an important subject in Islam. I needed the washroom; so I started interacting with people in the restaurant to find out where the washrooms were. But all the washrooms were occupied. So they tried sending me to a different washroom! But, it was so small and funny looking; and, it didn’t even have a ceiling although it had walls. In essence, people from outside could see my head even if I were sitting. Seriously! This felt so bizarre. I wasn’t comfortable with this so I decided to leave this place. Before leaving, I had a conversation with some people in this place. A couple of drops of my period blood fell; and, the second these drops touched the floor, the blood coagulated. It became thicker and thicker and felt like more and more. All this felt like a haunting. So I left this place to find a better washroom.

Outside, I came across large apartment buildings, one to the right and one to the left. Lots of men were standing everywhere. There was a car to the left and some men were standing near it. It seemed like a celebration! I didn’t understand what exactly was being celebrated. I turned to the right and kept running.

Rather abruptly, I ran into a parade by BJP or RSS. Men who were wearing saffron scarves were presenting enthusiastically in around 5 to 6 queues. I ran near this parade—I have no idea how I ran this fast while wearing a really long scarf and a floor-length pink dress. There are roads to the left; commercial buildings to the right; and a large pavement to the right where these men were dancing. To the right, some people were standing near the entrance of a building. I met a woman whom I recognized to be someone I once connected with through an American publisher—perhaps her appearance is significant somehow. I hugged her and talked to her for a while. I didn’t know if she was just watching what was going on or actually participating. We chatted for a while until she decided to leave for work. I turned around and noticed that she went into a building that had stairs at the entrance and an upper floor, perhaps the second or third floor. I followed her at some point and went to one of the upper floors; I believe at this point, I was still looking for a suitable washroom.

However, before this, I ended up noticing something interesting. I saw a young man from the crowd move towards the place where I was standing; this was the entrance of a building, a bit higher area where people could sit. The area was dimly lit; there was a shade above, a shade made from the same material that was used in making this building. A woman was sitting there; she had some programs that had sponsor information and that were signed for each attendee. She gave one program to this guy; but, I didn’t get anything because my name was not on the list of attendees. The names of sponsors popped up as I looked at the program; and, I clearly saw words like “Slave Network” and “Slave Entertainment”. A conversation started about the need to alter the names of these sponsors to make them more acceptable; the young man indicated that he would help them do this. I wonder if the hint is that this particular act took place before the program was printed—sometimes some things are displaced in dreams including precognitive dreams. I had a feeling that this young man was looking for a job. Nothing seemed remarkable about this man except that he was dressed in an ordinary manner, had a square jaw, and looked like a young student.

Hmm! Did I feel anxious enough to run during my periods simply because I was aware that I had to catch something important? I couldn’t catch where this happened although I think that this is happening in India or America.

I woke up after this queer experience. I researched things online to see if something relevant was going on. I was astonished to find articles about how India is building detention facilities to detain Muslims; read Mobashra Tazamal’s article “The Islamophobia Pandemic: The Rise of Muslim Detention Camps in Asia”. Furthermore, a reading of several online articles indicates that some Western countries, China, and India have been targeting Muslims and contorting Islam into a mental illness; read Mobashra Tazamal’s article “Chinese Islamophobia was made in the West“.

True Islam isn’t a mental illness. As a practicing Muslim who became aware of the extremely broad world of lucid (clear) dreams from the example of some Muslims like Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), I can safely state that Islam is not a means of oppression or a mental illness. For example, I had a vision of a non-Muslim American philosopher, Professor Eric Anthamatten, before he was murdered during one of his travels; read “I Caught Professor Eric Anthamatten’s Murder Through A Lucid Dream“. Another recent dream showed how people in France are going hungry and might continue to face ongoing poverty in the future—the majority of the French are non-Muslims. I fear that this particular dream is precognitive in nature, just like a lot of my lucid dreams; read “Is There Going To Be A Deeper Food Crisis in France?“.

My experiences as a Lucid Dreamer show me that it takes immense care and empathy to receive lucid (clear) dreams; I must read relevant material (such as Eric’s Philosophy papers) and meditate a bit about the subjects of the dreams before falling asleep. Even after all this effort, I know that it is up to God (Allah) if I receive a dream or not. Why should I be concerned about the fate of these non-Muslims? The propagandists who have been targeting the Muslims believe that Muslims don’t care about non-Muslims and that they are mentally ill outcasts. Just looking at the example set by my lucid dreams, it becomes clear that what these liars are sharing isn’t true.

The Holy book of Islam, the Quran, states in verse 43 of Chapter 16, Surah An-Nahl, to pose your questions to the people of knowledge if you do not know the answer. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) once said that seeking knowledge is the duty of every Muslim. I believe that these teachings about striving to gain knowledge gave birth to many amazing things including the Golden Age. During the Golden Age, the Muslims participated in discovering new things and updated many subjects including Science and Philosophy. Learn more about the “Islamic Golden Age” by visiting Islamic History’s website. Go look up on YouTube, “Scientists who converted to Islam”, “Celebrities who converted to Islam”, and “Politicians who converted to Islam”. If Islam is a mental illness, then why are some of the smartest and most celebrated folks converting to Islam?

My last comments: Do you find it odd that a Muslim woman who is a Lucid Dreamer is sitting here and discussing all of this during times when Islamophobia is on the rise? Lucid Dreamers are known to alter the course of history. Why do you think that God intended that a Muslim woman shares her dreams during such difficult times? Do you know that the legendary traveler Ibn Battuta received just one dream that granted him so much fame? Have you heard of our moon’s Ibn Battuta crater? He received just one dream; but, I have so many of such dreams. It helps to note that I have posted only a small number of lucid dreams online. Do you now see God’s design? Learn about my future activism plans; read “Future Activism“.

Lastly, I must comment that it is worth waiting to see whether this one is a precognitive dream or not and what exactly this particular dream is signifying in the future. Let us wait and see if this story ends here or if it continues!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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