Message To Men From A Lucid Dreamer

If you want to save the world, you will have to listen to and work with women including non-White women like me.

Inequalities are causing significant issues like plagues and climate change; read the article “Importance of freedom in humanities developing“, which is written by Shahram Jafarzadeha and Mohamad Bagher Beheshtib.

Below is a lesson learned from a lucid dream of mine; read the dream first.

Before sleeping, I was wondering about how to deal with the Kashmir issue. Right away, I had a lucid dream. I saw myself standing next to an American professor who is a convert to Islam and whose net worth is millions. He was teaching something; and, students were asking him questions. My psychic gaze fell on a young female student. She had written something on two sheets of paper; her article was incomplete. Not to forget that she was totally stressed out about something. I had an odd feeling that one day this student was going to become a very strong advocate of the occupied Kashmir—I wonder why this dream highlighted this particular student’s condition and why I felt mocked when she left feeling dismayed. Before the dream ended, I saw the professor walk toward me and stand next to me. I was somewhat surprised to see myself in his classroom because I don’t intend to go there. I felt like that I was that girl but I wasn’t that girl because these were two different dream characters.

I woke up and asked my inner voice what was going on. The inner voice told me to look for this particular student because she knows something important and to tell this professor about this young woman; also, I think my dream character is hinting at the importance of being next to all these folks. Later I felt very dismayed because I did email this person my introduction once and he never sent a reply back. So I am not comfortable attempting to start another conversation with him. However, deep down, I am left speculating since there were some positive signals issued by this dream character as well—I had a couple of dreams about him and not just one. Things are now confusing inside my head because Person A who exists in the Awake dimension is totally ignoring me but Person A2 who exists in the Dream dimension isn’t.

Now I can’t help with this situation because this critical key is at the other end but this man is most likely not smart enough to realize what exactly he is looking at. Even if we could not have found that young woman for some reason, I would have been able to at least leave a general comment asking him to pay special attention to the women who are learning from him; this move counts a lot because he mostly teaches a subject other than advocating for issues like Kashmir’s unlawful occupation.

Here is another relevant example. See how Sheikh Hamza Yusuf harmed his career by joining one of Trump’s commissions while I was left warning about the importance of not going near Trump. Read Khaled A. Beydoun’s article “For American Muslims, Hamza Yusuf’s endorsement of Trump is one step too far” and my lucid dream about the aftermath of Trump’s election “Possibility of Civil War in America“; “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years“. It helps to note that Sheikh Hamza made his decision in 2019; but, I recorded this dream in 2015. I interpreted this dream a bit late due to a lack of proper representation, which is a critical issue that connects to racism, misogyny, hierarchy, and the need to remove the walls that separate men and women inside masjids; read Mariam Nabbout’s article “Saudi cleric reminds people of Islam’s history of ‘no gender segregation”.

I got scared of what I saw because I experienced something supernatural; but, nobody was around to calm me, listen to me, or interpret my dream. I edited the dream to make it look like a story but I didn’t edit the part that’s mentioned below as well as content related to the actual conflict. You can read the full dream; just replace “vampires” with “humans” and “she” with “I” (me); and, you will see what I saw. The paragraph that I shared below is the most supernatural part of this dream: I was visited by an eyeless entity and a Black woman said that a plague had arrived. The last paragraph of this particular writing is actually fake; and, I admitted this in the original post that was published in 2015. Read the full description by clicking on the source mentioned below. Later, I realized that this dream was linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of Trump’s election.

She was fast asleep when a black shadowy figure appeared next to her bed. It looked at her quietly as she slowly started becoming lucid. In her lucid state, she could see this entity really clearly. She could also see through walls and that is when she noticed a Black woman moving towards the kitchen of a neighboring house. The black shadow focused its round eyeless head on her to prevent her from getting distracted by the woman. She noticed that it was emitting some sort of malevolent radiance from its forehead, and she felt that it wanted her to follow it. She turned her attention to the Black woman and heard her comment that the plague started a while back but she does not know where they came from. “What sort of plague is she talking about?” She thought as she gently stepped out of her body and followed the black figure.

Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years

Removing any barriers that cause issues with communication is actually extremely important for mankind’s survival. For instance, in my case, I am left struggling on my own as I try to understand and publish my dreams. My experience tells me that a lot of men including some Muslim men won’t be willing to help me simply because I am a non-White person, a Muslim, and/or a woman. Please note that Ibn Batuta who followed one of his dreams and ended up carving his entire legacy received the correct interpretation of his dream from a holy man; read Suzanne Raga’s post “Ibn Battuta, One of the Greatest Travelers of All Time“. You know, I released the news about the aftermath of Trump’s election a bit late; this has lots to do with the barriers that are established within the current world.

Men who wish to make a real change should open up more to women including unprivileged women. Otherwise, they would fail to be productive in a timely manner.

Thanks to the men who have supported women so far! You are definitely changing the world properly so that it may last longer.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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