Is This Lucid Dream About Activist Drew Pavlou A Glimpse Into UK?

Here is a recent lucid dream of mine; this one took place on the morning of July 31, 2022.

In this particular dream, I saw a female dream character, a woman of color, visit a place that looked like a banquet hall and was situated inside a mall. After entering the mall, she went up a couple of stairs that were to the right and entered the banquet hall, which has a wide entrance. Before she entered this place, she saw tables set up outside; there were free giveaways on these tables. Inside, an event, most likely a celebration, is taking place. I saw Drew Pavlou, a famous Australian rights activist, there. Before he appeared, there was a crowd of people including someone who was dressed in some kind of uniform and had a military attitude; this particular man said, “She did it! She did a great job”. Everybody cheered when they heard this.

I think this celebration has something to do with Drew or maybe he was just attendingit was a large event so I was distracted checking out what was going on. She asked about a particular senior activist and Drew went away to look for him; Drew said that he has gone to mail something. She patiently waited for them. Finally, she got tired of waiting; so she went outside to look for them. There were shops outside the mall; but someone told her that only two of the shops provided postal service. She connected with an elderly woman who was a bit distracted so she had to remind her that she was looking for someone. So she decided to leave! She was dismayed because she couldn’t find either of them. At some point, she walked back into the celebration. This is when she ran into Drew again. For some while, she chatted with him; this time they were standing outdoors amid a crowd. So she inquired about the senior activist again; and, Drew said that he can’t be here because he is now traveling to a different country. After hearing this, she felt disappointed and decided to leave early.

It was pretty dark by the time she left this place. She left from the back of the building. Outside, it was getting darker. There were some large buildings around this place. As she walked on the pavement, she noticed that the pavement was pretty wide. There were trees all over the place. The pavement was in the higher area; and, the road was in the lower region, to the right. She received a call from her relatives. But she hung up soon because she wasn’t interested in talking to them; she was upset with them. She kept walking on the pavement. She eventually decided to see if her friends were there to pick her up. She went to the back of the building and looked inside a parking lot; she thought that one specific car that drove out of this place was her friend’s car.

Now she was stuck in an area where there were lots of drug addicts, mostly men. A couple of them were standing outside a building; the rest were standing in the street. She made a mistake and walked right through them. They all noticed her. She looked back after she managed to get a bit further away from them. To her surprise, some young men turned their backs to her and then they huddled together to form a human wall. A couple of them approached her; they were about to rape her. She got scared and broke the long silver-colored radio antenna off a parked car. They raced after her; she used this thin antenna to beat and scar them so that she may be able to escape. She jumped over the cars and ran away as fast as possible. Every now and then, she would turn to hit a guy with her weapon. Eventually, she ended up in front of a glass door of a house; through the glass door, she could see an old woman sitting there. Some light streamed through this door so she was able to notice that this elderly lady was working on somethingperhaps she was sewing. She hid her weapon behind her back as she opened the door and got into the house. She said hello to her; by now, the slim antenna had turned into a really large serrated knife.

I woke up feeling confused about what I actually saw. So I completed some research and started thinking that this dream is offering a glimpse into the United Kingdom. Here are a couple of facts about UK.

  1. UK has a drug addiction crisis. Read Sachi’s article “New Report Published By UK Government Shows Highest Rate of Drug Use in Over a Decades“.
  2. Domestic abuse is on the rise and continues to be a problem for citizens of UK. Read Human Rights Watch’s article “UK Failing Domestic Abuse Victims in Pandemic“.
  3. Rapes by street gangs are pretty common in the UK. Read Leana Hosea’s article “Why sexual violence in UK gangs ‘similar to war zones’“.
  4. Gang rapes are common in the UK. Read Harriet Clugston’s article “Violence against women and girls: police record 850 gang rapes in just 6 months across England and Wales“.
  5. UK police is failing to protect the citizens of the UK. I think that they have gotten involved in this fake bomb threat deal simply to sensationalize things. Reality is much different; the Met police is so misogynistic that women aren’t concerning themselves with calling them for help. Read Martin Ivens’s article “The U.K. Met Police Is Failing at Its Core Job” and Vikram Dodd’s article “Met police misogyny: the rot runs even deeper than thought“.
  6. Even UK politicians are participating in creating this harmful environment. Watch “Informer: The Assistant Sexually Harassed by Politicians” by YouTube channel VICE.

This isn’t the first time I had a dream of this sort. Here are three such dreams:

So, the remaining questions are as follows:

  1. What did the man who had a military attitude meant by, “She did it! She did a great job”?
  2. Are the UK women being secluded to such an extent that they are being forced to defend themselves alone?
  3. Is this a celebration of Drew Pavlou’s freedom? Recently, Drew was charged by British police for a fake bomb threat; this is currently being investigated and the Chinese government is under suspicion of framing Drew. Visit Drew Pavlou’s Twitter page to get updates.

Allowing one’s consciousness to wander through different scenes will run the dream differently. I wonder what would have happened if I decided to stay aware of the party only!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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