I Have Changed The Course Of History

I am a Muslim woman.

I am a Lucid Dreamer.

I am a Telepath.

I receive historic and precognitive dreams.

I belong to a non-White minority community of Canada.

I am living during the post-911 era when Islamophobia is on the rise.

I am a Woman Rights advocate who is working to protect women during the times when the #MeToo campaign has awakened.

I am a Lucid Dreamer.

Lucid Dreamers are known to change history. Read Rebecca Turner’s article “10 Dreams That Changed Human History“.

I defeat stereotypes and biases through my dreams.

I tackle issues like Islamophobia, Climate Change, and Woman Abuse through my dreams.

I have even created a list of fields for my future activism by using content from my dreams; read “Future Activism“. Remember that Carl Jung and Ibn Batuta both followed such cues from their dreams and became the legends they are today.

Please support my project by reading and sharing my lucid dreams and telepathic experiences. I have made some of my dreams freely accessible so that I may be able to participate in alleviating critical issues that are afflicting our world by allowing those who are concerned to easily engage in this fight by educating themselves about my dreams as well as how to use lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreams

Psychic Realm

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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