Significant Dreams That I Didn’t Want To Document

I can perceive the future or truths through my dreams; thus, sometimes I receive horrible visions. Below are some significant dreams that I didn’t want to document but ended up documenting due to the flood in Pakistan.

In one older dream of mine, I was visiting Pakistan. A massive storm was taking place as my friends and I stood outside the door of a home feeling terrified but in control nevertheless. The rain was ruthless and our umbrellas felt petty. We were thinking of saying goodbyes and hiding inside our homes. I had a very bad feeling about this when I woke up, which is why I never stopped thinking about this dream even after so much time—perhaps some years—have passed. Reviewing this dream in light of the current flood makes more sense; see AlJazeera’s article “Pakistan floods have affected more than 30 million: Minister“.

In another dream, I was planning to fly over the US when I saw a very heavy storm. The second I opened the portal (a window) to jump out and fly, very high winds hit me; and the scene in front of me broke into pieces. It felt pretty brutal to watch this! Now here is a relevant warning about America; read Oliver Milman’s article “America’s summer of floods: climate crisis fueling barrage, scientists say“.

In another dream, I was connecting with one of my favorite Human Rights activists CJ Werleman. I think I was in Australia; and, I was actually standing in front of one of his friends’ place. We were talking to each other when I noticed a dead animal lying near the entrance; this small creature had scurried over there and died. I felt very bothered about this; so my dream broke while I was still standing outside. Later I learned that the animals of Australia are going through a horrible crisis. Read Jessie Yeung’s article “CNN Millions of animals are dying from the Australian fires, and the environment will suffer for years to come“.

Today, I had another odd dream. I saw a place where people were being attacked by poisoned needles that appeared from under the table of some sort. First people thought that this area was haunted so they wouldn’t go near this place. The needles would fly out at a swift pace and hit people including children on the feet or lower legs. They formed a team to help each other evacuate and warned each other of any flying needles. Eventually, a dark-skinned woman came out from under the table and apologized for her acts. She was impressed to see them trying to function so well under such a stressful situation. I really don’t know what this dream means; but, I feel this is a local undocumented incident.

Sometimes my visions feel too heavy. So I have to call God as well as important dream characters to help me out. One of my favorite dream entities is Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) and another one is Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Read my blog posts Meditation On Jesus Christ/Isa: Dream Character Offers Faith And Healing and “Did I See Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) In My Dream?“.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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