Are Pakistani and India’s BJP Governments Going To War In The Future?

I had an interesting lucid dream in the morning. This one was about Pakistan and BJP.

I saw a group of Hindutva in front of a large Pakistani house. I saw an elderly resident of this house looking outside and staring at the end of the lane that was in front of his house. I think I saw a group of Hindutva thugs. They had taken some children; and, they were throwing them up in the air. Then they walked into the lane; pretty soon a fight took place at the entrance of this house. The elderly man hid at the back with the children. A young able-bodied Pakistani woman held a gun and waited for the Nazis to come. She could see the fight taking place in front of her house; some people were injured. She felt very worried about her neighbors’ safety. Eventually, she fired her gun as they tried to get into her home. She managed to shoot some of these Nazis!

I mostly receive precognitive dreams or true dreams! I am wondering whether this dream is precognitive in nature or if it is showing what Pakistanis are worried about right now! I researched articles that discussed whether India’s BJP government and Pakistan were thinking of going to war. After a bit of research, I found this one; read Sarmad Ishfaq’s article “Pakistan and India Will Go to War Again”.

What do you think? Do you think that India and Pakistan will go to war again?

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