Insight Remains Higher Right After Lucid Dreaming

In Aug 2015, I documented a particular dream of mine, which bothered me to such an extent that I actually edited it before presenting. Even then I wrote the following in the note that was above the actual post.

The paragraph about the fights with vampires was not fully seen during the dream; instead I just saw people, buildings, burned buildings, armed civilians, some sort of fight and struggle between people, and some killings. My best friend did appear at the end of the dream and then something burned us in a box while we were holding each other. Also, the Black figure and the Black woman were present at the beginning of the dream. I have edited certain parts of the dream to make it sound very supernatural. I have created a fake ending (last paragraph) that never existed in the dream to give the story a spin. The rapid switching of scenes actually happened during the dream so much so that I got a bit confused when I tried analyzing the dream while awake.

Source: Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years
The date of publication of “The Black Figure” was Aug 14, 2015; See the date just above the blog title. This sheet shows the older note.
The date of publication of “The Black Figure” was Aug 14, 2015. This sheet shows the older note.

This dream predicted the aftermath of Trump’s election by showing a conflict between Americans. At some point, I started thinking that a civil war will start in America; read “Possibility of Civil War in America“.

I don’t wonder any further about why I chose the word “vampire” to describe these attackers. Look what’s going on right now. Trump’s GOP has managed to ban abortions in some states; banning abortions will literally juice women, killing and harming them. Read BBC’s article “Abortion: How do Trump and Biden’s policies compare?

I was correct!

I was looking at real VAMPIRES. It is not a coincidence that I chose the word “Vampire” to describe these attackers; this is an example of deep insight.

The truth is that when I wake up from deep lucid dreaming, I feel much sharper than my usual self. During this time, I can predict things faster.

Ask yourself a question related to your dream right after waking up. Make sure to document your findings.

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