Reading A Dream Sign About Receiving Protection

I received an interesting dream while thinking about an acquaintance today. There is a short segment of this dream that I am having trouble recalling; but, here is the part that I was able to remember easily.

In this dream, I was in a hotel. I am not so sure where this hotel is located; I am guessing that it is in Netherlands. In the beginning, I was in a room. I saw myself feeling upset about something. Pretty soon, a team arrived to clean the room. When I woke up, I thought that someone else was paying for this room—perhaps, this was a gift.

As the dream continued, I found myself outside in a corridor. There was some sort of commotion building up outside. I was looking outside the window. A crowd built near the windows as the hotel’s occupants struggled to view what was happening. I felt worried and something made me turn. Now I noticed that I was holding a long scarf. I checked out where it was ending and was surprised to find that a tall and well-built man (my acquaintance) was holding the other end of my scarf; he was standing near a window that was across the room. He was looking outside; but, he was holding my scarf firmly with one hand. I felt that he was using the scarf to make sure that I am not pulled away by the crowd or harmed in any way. I felt drawn toward him! He was emitting some positive energy, which is how I felt that he was planning to protect me in case something bad happens.

I wonder what this all means! Is something really going to happen? Am I just ranting during my dream? Or is this a symbolic dream that is asking me to pay attention to the bond between us? After thinking about this for some while, I am leaning towards the interpretation that somehow there is a strong bond between me and this individual, which I should slowly study; it might be a bond through a book as well since I am very much attracted to well-written material. I am also thinking that the protection offered by him is still there but it could happen in any given way and not just during the above-described situation. I wonder what this all means!

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