I Am Starting A Psychic Investigation About “Sniper Tourism” In Sarajevo

I received terrible news a couple of days ago through The CJ Werleman Show. Watch “[Untold Story]: Western Tourists “Hunted” Muslims for Sport in Bosnia“. Apparently, some really rich and influential folks engaged in “Sniper Tourism” of Muslims of Sarajevo—there must be some non-Muslim targets as well since these people were just touring. I felt very shocked after learning about this; thus, I decided to start a psychic investigation on my own.

I started out by creating an outline about how to do a psychic investigation. The outline is around 3 pages long with over 1000 words. My existing knowledge is actually far more than that; and, I created this outline in a haste just to have a written guide in front of me. Overall, utilizing all the available tools and team members is important here. The idea is to research specific things online; learn about the geographical area and the politics; and, open the self to the cosmos through dreams. Attempt to dream. Repeat. Attempt to dream. Repeat.

I will open myself to receiving multiple dreams about this issue. My experiences taught me that lucid dreaming can be triggered through many things including writings, videos, or pictures. I will document my dreams and share everything with those who are investigating this deadly and abnormal activity. I hope to gradually make a difference!

If you wish to engage in lucid dreaming and psychic adventures, investigating this particular case is excellent. “Sniper Tourism” sounds so shocking and it defies the norms so horribly that the mind is bound to react.

Please support my project by reading about my work. I receive historic and precognitive dreams; see category “Lucid Dreams“; I also receive psychic visions while awake; see category “Psychic Realm“.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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