Another Psychic Visit by Joram Van Klaveren and Other Occupants of Netherlands

I had an intriguing dream a couple of days ago. I dreamt that I was at some event where Joram Van Klaveren was giving a speech—I have never met him in person and have only seen him present online. Suddenly, he received a phone call, which he answered right away. I could see him chatting while standing near the podium. At some point, he sat near me; I think I briefly chatted with Joram as well. Then Joram left his seat. At some point in the dream, two elderly dream figures connected with me. The old man sat on my right and an old woman sat on my left; this man was bald and the woman was very much wrinkled.

When the event ended, these elderly folks took me for a ride on a horse carriage. The funny thing is that the woman was still sitting on my left and the man was still sitting on my right. We sat at the back. Suddenly, a really large and vicious red fox was spotted on the road. It was trying to get inside some building. Then it saw us and decided to chase after us. As it chased us, it tried to bite our feet. I panicked and looked towards my companions for help. The woman removed her slipper and hit it lightly—perhaps once or twice—to discourage it from coming after us. Pretty soon, she got worried so she handed the shoe to me. I think I hit the fox once or tried to hit it so that it may not jump to bite our feet; then I felt worried and passed the shoe to the old man. The old man actually tried to hit the fox a couple of times; but, this animal was pretty energetic and kept trying to bite us.

I woke up startled! As usual, I wondered what I saw. Why would I or my companions hit a red fox when in real life I am very friendly towards animals? I wondered if something was wrong with me. Then I started to review things online. Internet searches show that Netherlands has horse carriage rides as well as lots of red foxes. The dream characters, who I believe are spirits of the people of Netherlands, encouraged hitting the fox. I believe that this is because this fox was infected. According to the article “What to do about foxes“, which is published by The Humane Society of the United States, foxes don’t attack humans unless they have rabies. So the hitting showed that the spirits were conveying that this fox is actually dangerous. Apparently, rabies has been a problem for Europe including Netherlands. According to the article “The elimination of fox rabies from Europe: determinants of success and lessons for the future“, which is published in the “Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences”, Netherlands was considered rabies-free zone by 1991. Just to complete my reference, this article is written by Conrad M. Freuling, Katie Hampson, Thomas Selhorst, Ronald Schröder, Francois X. Meslin, Thomas C. Mettenleiter, and Thomas Müller.

So now my question was, if rabies still existed in some foxes. So I kept looking online; and, eventually I found a website that has recent copyright and that lists foxes as dangerous animals of Netherlands since some still carry rabies. See writer Aurimas’s article “Dangerous animals in the Netherlands“, which is published on the website “Go Look Explore”.

(Arzoo exhales and feels less confused!)

I see why I got a bit scared of sharing this dream: “I don’t like hurting animals. I have never been to Netherlands so obviously witnessing such a scene felt a bit overwhelming at the end of the day.”

I read the term “Mysterium Terendum” in Joram Van Klaveren’s book, Apostate (available for purchase on Amazon here). In this amazing book, the author discusses how he left his political career with Netherland’s Party For Freedom (PVV) and became a Muslim. While discussing Prophet Mohammad’s first interaction with Angel Gabriel, Joram explains that sometimes revelations are offered by God through terrifying experiences. I don’t recall if I have read this term before! Perhaps I briefly saw this somewhere else or perhaps I didn’t. I read about Prophet’s encounter with this angel when I was younger; but, this term was not mentioned in this text. Currently, I don’t have a memory of this term except for the memory I created while reading Joram’s book. The existence of the term “Mysterium Terendum” helps me because now I have a name for this kind of feeling that I receive after getting my dreams!

This dream is an example of “Mysterium Terendum“. Of course! I am just a telepathic lucid dreamer, which means that my insight is less and different than well-known religious Messengers, Prophets, or Prophetesses. However, I still receive dreams that leave me shaken and that later come true. After reading “Apostate”, I felt relieved that there is such a term out there that describes this particular state of mind. I truly believe that God wanted me to learn about Joram and his work. Here is what actually happened.

  1. I found out about him after visiting Emir-Stein Center. I was watching Joram’s video “Why I Left the Far-Right“.
  2. I found out about Emir-Stein Center while learning about Dr. Craig Considine. I visited their website to watch Craig’s video “Who Is the First Anti-Racist?
  3. I started learning about Dr. Craig Considine and his work in detail after I received a lucid dream about him in 2017; God ordered it so that I met him—for the very first time—in 2018 during the same month when I received a dream about him. Read my blog post “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year“.

Well! You see how some dreams prove very scary! So “Mysterium Terendum” also applies to lucid dreamers. I know that all of this happened for various reasons and one reason is that God (Allah) doesn’t want me to feel too scared of my visions so He/She (here different pronouns are being used because God doesn’t have a gender) is offering me an insight that fear is a usual response in such cases. I feel much comforted, Alhamdulillah (I Thank God).

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