A Warning Dream Showed Hindutva Mob Attacking Muslims

Here is a recent lucid dream of mine. I usually receive precognitive dreams, which are dreams that actually come true. If this is not just a nightmare that’s caused by the actions of BJP, RSS, and their allies, then it is definitely something real that’s about to happen. Before falling asleep, I meditated that I wanted to see the truth; I was pretty relaxed during all this; and, I was also able to talk to a dream character. So these are indications that this is a precognitive dream.

I saw a Hindutva mob near some place where a function or event of some sort was taking place for Muslims. I think my spirit was in India during this dream! Many men and women had gathered there. I heard someone say, “Kill every Muslim here; and, we will bury them in the jungle near the Ranvir lake”.

A group of men had gathered around a Muslim girl who was around 5 years old. One of them, a rather tall Hindutva thug, asked this kid her name. She gave her name, which was also the name of a well-known and historic Islamic figure; and, then he decided to molest the girl. One man who was standing in his circle asked him not to rape her. But the other guys didn’t listen. The man who was complaining didn’t react except to helplessly watch what was going on.

I saw one woman; and, I tried to speak to her. I asked her where I was. She replied, “Look around. What do you see?”. Then she walked away from me. I looked around. On one side, a bit low and deeper than where I was standing, were some shops that had glowing rectangular signs. One of the signs read something like “iPilot” or “iAuto”.

The mob was abusing the Muslims. I even saw some Muslims being killed a bit farther away from this spot. This looked like a widespread attack! Someone picked up a large rock and threw it at a woman who fell and either died or fainted. I saw her collapse under a tree—for some reason, I thought that that was me. One person screamed instructions at other folks telling them to pick large rocks and throw these on those Muslim who were standing a bit farther away. I saw one of them pick a large slab of orangish rock and aim it at a group of younger Muslims.

I woke up feeling worried! As soon as I woke up, I realized that I forgot some part of this dream but remembered the rest. So I wrote this down. My research shows that on some occasions, Indian police have aided the Hindutva mob to lynch and harass Muslims. Watch the episode “Tripura Muslims Under Attack from Hindu Nationalists and Indian Government” of The CJ Werleman Show.

I believe this is a warning dream. Perhaps, something even worse is about to happen. Please read and share with those who are concerned about the mistreatment of Muslims at the hands of the terrorist Hindutva organizations BJP and RSS as well as their allies.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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