Why Some Muslim Men As Well As Other Men Feel So Entitled?

Watch NYUAD Institute’s video “How and Why Immigrant Muslim Communities Are Losing Women“. The speaker Eman Abdelhadi discusses her study “How and Why Immigrant Muslim Communities Are Losing Women”; Eman is an Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago.

I will start out by discussing one of the prophecies of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). He clearly discussed that near the End Times, there will be too many hypocritical Muslims. Watch MercifulServant’s video “Muslims In The End Times (Shocking Predictions All Came True)“. The reason I shared this first is that I don’t want people to think badly of Islam or Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) after feeling confused about what some members of the Muslim and other monotheistic communities have been doing to the girls or women.

Eman discusses that her research shows that one main reason why Muslim men are better integrated into their Muslim community is that they aren’t monitored that much. They can do any forbidden thing such as drinking or premarital sex; after all this, then they can easily choose whether they want to become practicing Muslims or not, which happens after they have become mature adults. Eman further asserts that some Muslim women are constantly monitored by their family members and community even if they are pious and religious.

This ongoing abuse and neglect create men who have a strong sense of entitlement. For instance, some Muslim men have dated White women all their lives but when it is time to settle, they choose religious women. I have seen this in real life and read about it online; and, Eman also discusses this particular example in this video. This reminds me of a comment from a friend about how chicken blood can be used to show that one is a virgin on the first night of marriage. Very frankly, my understanding is that a lot of Muslim men are engaging in premarital sex, which is considered forbidden (haram) in Islam; I have also learned after talking to some ladies that some Muslim men pressure Muslim women to have premarital sex with them; not to forget that Eman is pointing out that some Muslim men are frequently dating White non-Muslim women, which I believe is because they let them have sex without marriage. So why are these people obsessed with the virginity of Muslim women? And, seriously, they are dumb enough to accept “Chicken Blood” as the “blood of a woman”. Very frankly, this type of men neglect Muslim women throughout their growth period; and when it is time to settle, they want these pious and practicing Muslim women. You know they don’t even know that some of these women they neglected have been raped and now they are forced to use “Chicken Blood” to prove their virginity to them. If you were never there for them, then do you think that they will tell you their personal stories just because you are marrying them? Nope! This is an example of lust for women’s blood! Obnoxious! Repulsive!

Check out the results of Eman’s paper in detail. Some Muslim women are walking away from their families and communities including mosques (masjids) simply because they feel that they have been living inside prison cells.

Assistant Professor Eman ended this discussion by pointing out that similar things are happening in non-Muslim communities.

I agree!

Even among the Catholics, the use of word “He” to describe God is common although we all know that none of us know God’s gender; so why not call God a “She” sometimes? The same is true for Muslims as well! Language obviously creates bias! I have learned this while interacting with women’s rights activists. For instance, what exactly is a microaggression? This is language! Adding to all this ignorance are the walls that are separating the Muslim women and men inside mosques (masjids) as well as the current Muslims’ majority opinion that says only males can be prophets whereas the Quran tells the opposite; read my blog post “Apocalypse Is Nearer Now“.

Things are not easy for women who wish to move forward in interfaith or religious spaces as well as in one’s careers. People keep silent about so many things that are happening to women. The global #MeToo campaign is just one example. I think that it is common for women’s emails or pleas for help to be totally neglected even when the email is sent to a religious or moderate male who appears to be a humanitarian. And, it gets worse! There are even men who appear to be concerned about women’s rights but they don’t help out once approached or are just concerned with controlling the way women dress or fit into society. And, it gets worse! Even some professional and well-connected Muslim women are willing to ignore those Muslim women who are in need simply because they can’t handle that many women or they just want to focus on their own stuff.

Even among the Muslims who appear to be upright, scandalous things are happening routinely. Assistant Professor Eman shared in this video that men may drink but still be called to offer Khutba (religious sermon). Now check out this chilling story from the UK; watch YouTube channel Blazinbloke’s documentary “The Betrayed Girls: The Rochdale Scandal – 2017 Documentary“. You will learn that some members of a local mosque sheltered pimps and stayed silent when investigators came and requested help with stopping the human trafficking of young White ladies. Eventually, a distinguished member of the Pakistani community, Mohammed Shafiq, found out and decided to help. But it is interesting to notice that the representatives of the mosque kept quiet. Here is another case where England’s Muslim community stayed silent and disregarded pleas for help from Hannah Shah who was continuously being raped by her father, an Imam; read her book “The Imam’s Daughter“. This is the type of entitlement some men have inside some Muslim spaces.

No wonder Muslims are being targeted by Islamophobes as sexist and misogynistic people. No wonder, White Feminists are creating propaganda that has led to wars before and which will continue to do so in the future. Watch The CJ Werleman Show’s video “How Western Feminists Harm Muslim Women“. My answer is that they can do this because “Muslims are weak and divided”. This is why some Muslims are good and others are bad; but, now most of them are screaming to be saved from growing “Islamophobia”. Hey! I didn’t say that “Muslims are weak and divided”; Prophet Mohammad, Prophet of the true Muslims, said this. Watch ManyProphetsOneMessage’s video “Mind Blowing Prophecies of Muhammad“, starting at instance 10:56. By the way, this is why I think Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) is the Last Prophet: he predicted the End Times, which are approaching us fast.

I think that entitlement and privilege that men experience are there to stay. Some men will think that they are moving toward the right path and they will stay entitled. This is how inequality will continue increasing. But the story of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) as well as research studies show that inequality is linked to bigger issues like wars and climate change. Read article “Importance of freedom in humanities developing“, which is written by Shahram Jafarzadeha and Mohhamad Bagher Beheshtib. If you don’t believe me, check out some Western countries that claim to be great in providing women their Human Rights and have the money and resources to do so; unfortunately, sooner or later they get caught into something much bigger. For instance, just volunteering in Canada can prove very dangerous for South Asian women; women are not safe from workplace abuse even if they are using wage subsidies that are generated from tax dollars; some people including foreigners can easily drag free work from women and walk away when these women need their help; and, sometimes women can’t point a finger at a man without having other men and women participate in victim blaming. If you still don’t believe me, here is another relevant example; read Shirley Cardenas’s article “Child marriage is legal and persists across Canada“. Furthermore, kindly don’t go around labeling Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) as someone who allowed child marriages to take place. There are plenty of articles online that show that Lady Ayesha’s true age at the time of consummation of her marriage was 19 to 21 years old; in Islam, spouses are not allowed to cause pain or harm to each other, which is what a child marriage does to the vulnerable person; and, Ayesha must have looked very different than what women of her age look like now because the human body actually evolves over time.

So how do we women and girls who are constantly being marginalized move forward? Basically, we will have to develop a mindset in order to survive. And, I mean, “just survive”! Do this activity with me. Draw a circle and write down the things and names of people who really matter to you deep inside. Outside the circle, write down things and names of people who don’t matter to you anymore. Every time you are about to take a small step in the right direction or are feeling insecure about something, look at this labeled diagram and feel safe about moving forward.

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